• 10 Things Every Ambitious Photographer Must Have

    10-things-every-ambitious-photographer-must-haveOther than your camera and ambition, you need to complete your inventory with more than just a few things. Everyone can take nice photos, and there are many amateur photographers out there, but if you want to call your profession photography, you’ll need to invest in yourself by getting good equipment.

    Not all pieces need to be expensive and brand new – you can easily start with semi-pro equipment or get already used things, so you don’t have to spend a small fortune. Check out this list and find out what you’re missing!

    Idea Book

    You never know when a rush of inspiration may strike, and you need a place where you can storage every idea that comes to your mind, no matter how silly or impossible it sounds in the first place. You can decide to use the traditional way and write down or make a sketch of your ideas, or you can simply use your smartphone.

    Different Lenses

    Sure, you can start off with a usual lens you’d normally get with your camera, but in time, you’ll make certain progress and you’ll need help in order to spice things up a bit. Again, it’s not necessary to get everything you want at once – get one at the time and you’ll be able to complete your set sooner than you expect.

    Various Filters

    The point of branding your name is developing a recognizable style. In order to do so, you’ll need enough space to experiment and try many different things, so you can finally accomplish originality. This process needs a lot time, but I think you might be able to speed things up if you start using various filters.

    Microfiber Cloth

    If you want your equipment to function properly, everything needs to be clean – all the pieces you use and the place you use to store them in. You can’t really predict weather or accidents, but you can do everything in your power to conduct damage control. Now, it won’t be necessary for you to keep cleaning products with you, but make sure you have one quality microfiber cloth at your disposal.

    Mini Tripod

    This is a must-have. There are only so many areas of photography you can successfully manage with just your hands, but serious photo shoots should be done professionally. If you want to achieve that stage, it’s necessary to have a tripod, and my suggestion is to get a smaller one so you can transport it practically anywhere with no trouble whatsoever.

    Memory Cards

    Before you actually go to the scheduled photo shoot, it’s very important to check and double check your bags – it’s quite easy to forget something because there are so many small pieces. Among others, you should have at least a couple of memory cards with you on which have no data, so you don’t end up with lack of storage room.

    Spare Battery

    Similar to having a couple of memory cards, you should also have a spare battery with you, because it’s not uncommon for photo shoots to last longer than planned. Just in case, equip yourself with a battery charger, so you don’t have to burden your mind worrying that your battery will run out.

    Mini Flashgun

    If you want to take great photos, lighting needs to be just right, which is not always the case. Sure, you can simply edit them later, but every effect you decide to use would look much better if your base has more quality. One mini flashgun will do the trick.

    Remote Release

    Taking original and quality photos should be your priority, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop making memories. A lot of new photographers neglect themselves along the way, but remembering to take a group photo after a long day of hard work should be something you do, right? This is why you’ll need a small gadget that enables remote release.

    Messenger Bag

    Every time a photographer leaves their home, they look like they’re moving. It can be pretty difficult to find only one bag that can store everything, but in most cases I manage to gather everything in a messenger bag, so I’d definitely recommend it. Besides, they look great with practically any outfit!

    In the end, I’d also like to emphasize the importance of having and developing social skills. If you want to take good pictures, people around you need to be comfortable with you and completely relaxed. I hope you’ll find my suggestions helpful, and I look forward to some feedback!

    Written by Aleksandar Ilic

    I’m an active blogger with more than two years of experience behind me and I really love what I do. I primarily focus on lifestyle, business and entertainment related topics but my passion still remains with gaming. I’m is also a big fan of epic fiction and an active guitar player. I have an active Twitter profile so feel free to connect with me.

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