• 5 Goals Every Men Should Achieve Before He Turns 30

    5-goals-every-men-should-achieve-before-he-turns-30There are a few significant dates in our lives when we need to turn back and make some sort of evaluation. This is an important step because it helps us see our goals and their progress clearly, which is the only way to achieve them. If you want to do great things with your life, turning thirty is the perfect opportunity to find out where you’re headed, and if that path is right for you. If your current aspirations prevented you from having the next five goals already achieved, maybe you should reconsider them.

    Established Independence

    You can’t possibly feel good about yourself if you still depend on your parents or someone else, perhaps. Being independent implies responsibility, so if you pay for your own bills and live by yourself, you can confidently feel you have accomplished something in your life. Knowing how to take care of yourself is the first step towards maturity, and if you haven’t done anything about this matter, this is should be your starting point.

    Perspective Career

    By the time you turn thirty, you need to have a real job that enables you to pay the bills. However, if you came to the conclusion that your job can’t really lead you anywhere and that you can’t make any progress, it’s time to change it. You shouldn’t do anything reckless, like quitting it right now – it’s important to evaluate the whole situation and look at your position for a couple of different angles. There’s an upside to this – this is the perfect time to find a job you’ll actually like and develop your skills further.

    Realistic Expectations

    By your thirtieth birthday, you should have realized how the real life works. Getting to know the system should enable you to set realistic goals, do everything in your power to achieve them and have realistic expectations that your actions should result in.

    Recognizable Personal Style

    If you haven’t put aside your teen clothes yet, you should do it now. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to dress like an adult, and you need to be able to pick out all garments by yourself. Shopping might seem easy to those who avoid it, but finding professional clothes that match your personality isn’t at all simple. Your adulthood requires from you not only to act mature, but to look like that as well – in the world of business, the first impression means a lot, so you shouldn’t leave the future of your career to luck. Most people think that looking like an adult implies your style is faceless and impersonal, but that’s really not true. Creating a recognizable style is all about paying attention to subtle details – an unusual tie, a vintage bag, uncommonly colored lining of your suit – your options are limitless.

    Developed Emotional Intelligence

    Turning thirty doesn’t mean you need to stop having fun – your life isn’t ending and you’re not getting old. However, this is the time when you need know the basic characteristics you’re looking for in your significant other. Having a successful career and an active social life won’t fulfill you completely, which is why you need to start dealing with and expressing your emotions. You shouldn’t rush into anything or feel obligated to get marry, but it’s really important to develop your emotional intelligence along with everything else.

    Written by Ivan Dimitrijevic

    Ivan Dimitrijevic

    Ivan Dimitrijevic is a seasoned blogger with years of experience. His skill sets include Social Media and Content Marketing and blogging on a variety of topics. He is the founder of MyCity Web and has had many articles published on serious blogs over the years on topics ranging from Digital Marketing, Business to Home, Health, Fashion & Lifestyle.

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