• 5 Stylish Bags for Dapper Men

    5-stylish-bags-for-dapper-menThere was a time when men were courageous. Sophisticated in posture and gallant in their manners, these cavaliers of old knew their fashion, and weren’t afraid of showing it. Somewhere along the way, those great men got lost.

    Manliness was replaced with masochism, and negligence became fashionable. Luckily, those times are passing by as we speak. Once again, a modern man is that of elegance, tidiness and a sense of style. For those men, bag is not a fashion item, but a classy way of carrying around their work, hobbies and pleasure. And the revolution of men’s tailoring continues with these 5 stylish items.

    1. Envelope Clutch Bag

    For the beginners in fashion, envelope bags are those in shape of a letter. They can vary in size, but they are usually bigger than a wallet, and smaller than a purse. A classic envelope bag offers one or two compartments with a center divider on the inside, and has no other pockets visible on the outside, which is commonly closed with a clutch. Trendy alternatives, however, may have more patch pockets on the interior side, and can be a pretty convenient replacement for a wallet. But what’s unique about the envelope bag is the fact that it doesn’t include a handle or a strap, and is designed solely for a hand grip. Now, you might think what’s the point, but here it is – an envelope bag is incredibly handy because it holds place only for your necessities. When you need nothing more than your wallet, phone and keys, this natty accessory is word perfect. Choose shiny or vintage leather, match your belt in color, and you’re ready for the afternoon stroll.

    2. Messenger Rucksack

    Men have been familiar with this fashionable item for some time now, and nowadays, a messenger bag has become essential in every male wardrobe. What’s generally being referred to as a messenger bag is in fact a mail satchel, which is a version of a bag that postmen used to carry in the older days. They can be made of canvas as well, but leather is beyond doubt more popular. Etymologies aside, this type of a bag is mostly known as over-the-shoulder bag, with a folding flap top. And that’s why this proposal is interesting. Instead of a standard messenger bag, why not try a mail rucksack. The bag itself is of the same design, except that instead of cross-body strap being attached to it, it includes two backpack straps. Made out of leather and finished with belts, it’s flawless for a ride on the bike.  

    3. Box Toiletry Bag

    Being a fashionable man means taking care about your appearance. Besides dandy clothes and fancy accessories, the concept envelopes one more thing – being well groomed. The selection of male toiletries is wider than ever, and packing all of the articles can be tricky for a neat mean. Hence the toiletry bags. These types of bags come in various sizes and designs, and some are less modish than others. However, there’s no reason for you to withhold your style when it comes to taking care of your personal hygiene. Cosmetic bags can also look good and reflect your taste. Box bags are super practical for this particular purpose. Given that their exterior is hard and steady shaped, these bags will keep all of your products in place, and disallow any potential inconveniences. Useful and fancy!

    4. Duffle Backpack

    Modernized and polished to perfection, an ordinary duffle backpack can be just as attractive. In order to keep it a little more upper class, try to avoid original materials such as cloth, and rather go for something different. Canvas is always a good choice, and it can make this uniquely designed bag even more handsome, if combined with leather inserts. When dyed olive or deep green, it can be a little grungy, and resemble old military style. Off course, you can pick your duffle bag made completely out of leather, with a ragged drawstring on the top as a statement detail. Both designs can be found intelligently stylized, with inside compartments for a laptop and other necessities, as well as the extra zipper pockets on the exterior. Ideal for your casual street-style, and functional for adventures in the open.

    5. Indiana Jones Satchel

    Just to make it perfectly clear one more time, it’s not a man purse, it’s a satchel. Very similar to a messenger bag, a leather satchel became hugely popular because of Professor Jones, and since then, men are quick to wear it. Basically, this type of a bag can be in any size or shape, as long as it contains two signature signs – vintage leather and belt and buckle locks. Since the classic mail satchel already has those, Indiana Jones style is special due to its size. It’s usually smaller and designed with a strap for crossbody wearing. What’s so irresistible about it, though, is its utility. It’s light and spacious enough to hold basic items that you always need to have on you. Originally worn while fighting alligators and train-hopping, Indiana Jones satchel is perfect for quick coffee walks.

    Fashion for men has gone all the way around, and luckily, guys are no longer shy of their appearance. When bags are considered, contemporary designers are making the best of it. Most importantly, man bag is a restraint long overcame by those who are not afraid to show their style. With accessories like these, men got a great way of presenting themselves as professional, sleek and remarkable as they are.

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