• 5 Things Every Fashionista Must Do

    5-things-every-fashionista-must-doBeing a fashionista is a bit more than just a hobby – it affects your life, not just when you have some time off, but all the time. If this is where your passion lies, some adjustments need to be made. It’s important to adapt your home so you can store everything you need neatly. By doing that, you’ll save a lot of time searching for that one earring that somehow got lost or a shirt you feel like wearing, and you’ll prolong the life of your wardrobe if everything is kept in its place and maintained properly.

    The next few adjustments don’t really require too much of your time, money or effort – for most of my suggestions, you won’t need more than an hour to get them done. Considering the fact they can make your life easier, you should try them out.

    Enough Storage Room

    This is your starting point. Fashionistas can’t satisfy their needs by having a regularly sized closet, because you need so much more than that. If there aren’t any possibilities to realize a design of a walk-in closet – which would be the best solution – you need to improvise and have a couple of storing units, and each of them needs to have its purpose.

    Place for a Set of Accessories

    Having a jewelry box simply isn’t enough, and it’s not practical, because pieces of jewelry tend to get impossibly tangled – but you already knew that. My suggestion is to have a large pin board with a nice frame. These kind of boards can be easily rearranged with minimal effort. Every time you get a new piece of jewelry, you can simply pin it and your job is done. Also, when you’re getting ready, you’ll have a neat overview of every piece you own, so it will be easier to mix, match and experiment with them.

    Place for a Collection of Bags

    Most fashionistas can’t resist getting every bag that catches your eye, which often leads to having a pile of bags in a corner of your closet. If you can’t really afford to have a separate unit for them, or there’s simply not enough room, you should try another DIY project which is just as simple as the previous one. You know how towel hangers are simple to install? You can place them practically anywhere – if you install them inside of your closet door, you will be able to create a highly functional storage room for bags.

    Arrangement System

    My suggestions will work even better if you apply any kind of arrangement system. The most common choices are to arrange your clothes by color, or to separate your wardrobe for cold days from those for the summer. This will enable you to find an item you’re looking for much faster, which shortens the time you need to get ready.

    One last piece of advice – don’t hesitate from giving away clothes and accessories you don’t need or wear anymore. It’s important to prevent that clutter waiting to happen – that’s much easier than dealing with it when it appears. I hope you liked my suggestions, and I look forward to your feedback!

    Written by Alex Filipovic

    Alex Filipovic has been in the world of blogging for over 4 years. Her interests lie in the world of Fashion and Health, but in her career, she covered a wide range of topics – from raising awareness about environmental issues to discussing the various advances in informational technology. She strives to keep herself up to date when it comes to all her interests, the list of which is constantly growing.

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