• 6 Types of Men’s Leather Bags

    6-types-of-mens-leather-bagsBefore buying a bag, you should certainly know what types there are in order to match them with your style and outfit. Also, if you are constantly buying one type of bag, maybe you should consider some more types and choose the right one according to the event and style.

    Moreover, before you decide on one bag, you should think of why you need that bag and what you will store in it. Because of that, you should know the purpose of every bag and for what kind of luggage it should be used. Tablets, iPads and smaller laptops can be carried in almost every bag, however, if you are carrying a big business laptop in your duffel bag, then you need to read this.

    1. Duffel Bag Is Perfect for a Weekend Trip

    Originated in Belgium, the duffel bag is spacious and used when carrying a lot of luggage such as sportswear. Because of the possibility to store a lot of things, it is used when travelling or going on a one-day trip. Although it looks sophisticated, when matched with the right outfit, it can look urban and is great for men who are into street style. Moreover, it shouldn’t be worn with sweatpants, but with casual clothes or a semi-business style. A duffel bag can withstand heavy luggage and rough conditions.

    2. Messenger Bags for the Everyday Look

    Messenger bags with rectangular shape were predominantly used by messengers and couriers. That’s how it got its name. People used to call it a courier bag as well. It is to be worn over one shoulder and the flap that folds over the top protects your items from rain and snow. It is great for carrying a laptop, books, documents and some other formats that require a bag with rectangular shape. Moreover, it can be worn with every style and is the best upgrade for every outfit.

    3. Stylish Leather Gym Bags

    This bag is usually confused with a duffel bag, because they look almost the same. However, the gym bag has a rectangular base, which makes it easier to carry sports equipment, and pack for a picnic or some one day trip. Also, its look is more sporty and casual than the look of a duffel bag. It is recommended to wear it with a casual outfit, however, it can be matched with any effortless look. Just make sure that the clothing items are chosen carefully.

    4. Laptop Bags for Every Occasion

    You can easily confuse a laptop bag with a messenger bag, because they have the same format and are rectangular. Also, both types are worn over the shoulder and can withstand a heavy burden. However, a laptop bag has special features that protect your laptop if it falls. Moreover, it is manufactured in accordance with the dimensions of each particular laptop. Usually, it has a special compartment for headphones and a charger.

    5. Timeless Briefcase

    This type of leather bag is for business people who want to maintain their classical business style. This timeless design has always been considered up-to-date fashion and it was always a sign of success and a good style. It is used for documents, various papers and you can even carry your laptop. However, don’t confuse it with other bags that are similar in construction, because this is of special design and is much harder than others.

    Be careful not to confuse a modern briefcase with the tote bag or a satchel. With the popularization of briefcases, many new and modern briefcase designs have emerged and have successfully preserved the beauty of the classical briefcase.

    6. Satchel Upgrades the Vintage Look

    The 20th century trend among university circles has lived up to all the standards of today’s fashion. It is similar to a briefcase, except it has softer sides and is not recommended for carrying a heavy laptop. Usually younger people choose this over the briefcase, because it looks vintage, which is achieved by two-sided buckles and the retro look. It matches various styles, especially the experimental styles of younger generations.

    If you want a business look, but something a little bit artistic, except for a satchel, you can go for a tote, which is in general a modern remake of a classical briefcase. If you are into a boyish look when going to a morning coffee or an early brunch, then you can browse for some backpacks. Moreover, backpacks have become really functional, because many of them have special compartments for laptops, ebook readers and tablets.

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