• 8 Fashion Items to Share with Your Partner

    8-fashion-items-to-share-with-your-partnerAs summer approaches, the time is right to make some bold romantic decisions. Moving in with your partner doesn’t have to be intimating but thrilling and adventurous. Besides having fun in the kitchen, spending a countless number of hours playing video games and watching movies, and dancing around the house, it’s a perfect opportunity to get practical and join budgets.

    If sharing is not a problem for you and your partner, why not save some money by buying unisex clothes and accessories? Some of those are really cool and stylish, and deserve to have a place in every couple’s wardrobe. Sharing is caring, as the next 8 fashion items will show.

    1. Button-Down Shirt

    Regardless of your personal style, the right choice of this fashion classic can make a world of changes to your outfit. There’s nothing more handsome than a man in a perfectly fitted, button-down shirt, and a woman in a masculine shirt radiate a special kind of attractiveness. Plain whites are impeccable and versatile, and offer a lot of potential for mixing and matching with different styles. Patterns like gingham, plaid and tartan are relaxed and casual for both you and your loved one.

    2. Jumpers

    Sharp dressers know how to incorporate different fashion items in their everyday wear. With jumpers, the size does matter, and a girl could hardly look dressy in her boyfriend’s favorite one. However, they are great for free and easy looks during the day, since oversized clothes are making big fashion statements as we speak. Comfy and snuggly, shawl-collar or roll neck, Aran & Cable or Fair Isle knits, jumpers are stunning both on lads and lassies.

    3. Crewneck Sweatshirt

    Among others, crewneck sweatshirts are the gem of unisex fashion. Absolutely everyone can wear them, and it’s hard to imagine something as cozy as slightly oversized sweatshirt paired with a pair of worn-out jeans and Chuck Tailors. Nowadays, they are cooler than ever, since their designers take a step forward in expressing your worldview with a quote or with love for cookies and cats. Just pull them on and relish in your favorite coffee walk route.

    4. Waistcoat

    Gowns and sequences are bewitching, but a lady in a suit is an entirely different story. Such a woman bursts with confidence and sexappeal, and that’s what makes our jaws drop in front of her stilettos. Still, what makes a suit perfect is its tailoring and customization, and therefore, two people could never share one piece. But a waistcoat is something else. Tweeds and corduroys are brilliant when paired with jeans and a plaid shirt, and plain-colored cotton is a must-have for evening dress wear.

    5. Statement Shirts

    For most of us, fashion serves as a way of vocalizing our personalities, which is something statement shirts are doing flawlessly. Since you and your partner are probably already very much alike, or simply share your love for a band or a TV-show, going halves on a tee that both of you will adore is a good investment. Girls can tuck it in the jeans, pair it with heels and complete with a statement necklace, and guys can wear it with a blazer and a pair of brogue boots.

    6. Messenger Bag

    Smart and iconic, a messenger bag is the finest that fashion has to offer. And if it’s not ornate with lace, floral patterns and pinky tints, this type of bag is the chicest choice for a joint closet. Vintage leather is for class and sophistication, canvas for open-air escapades and nylon for practicality and reliability. The more worn-out it looks, the better, since a messenger bag should represent your life choices as well as your sense of style. Being highly functional, trendy and all-purpose, a messenger bag is an unavoidable fashion necessity.

    7. Hats

    With an exception of lovely, ladylike fascinators and cloches and pillboxes, literally all hat designs can be worn by both men and women. And in any occasion too, since headwear defines aristocrats and hobos just the same. The most popular choices are fedoras and bowlers, which can be equally urban and elegant, depending on the choice of your outfit. Berets, homburgs and cowboy hats are for those who like their style unique and outfits striking.

    8. Watches

    Since living together is all about sharing precious moments, why not share a wristwatch as well? If your gent likes his gear bulky and macho, nobody says you can’t abuse it. Heavy masculine watches look amazing on women too, whether they’re classic and vintage or modern and trending. And if you don’t care about flashy fashion, minimalistic watches with simple, leather bracelets are never out of date.

    Written by Katherine Milovanovic

    Katarina is a creative writer with the degree in English language, literature and culture. Except for writing, she likes linguistics, art and is also a big fan of video games, books, films and TV shows. Her passion is travelling, because she thinks that getting to know another culture means expanding your mind and knowledge.

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