• Army Courier Vintage Bike Messenger Bag Review

    I have recently bought Serbags Army Courier Vintage Bike Messenger Bag for 48 bucks (let’s face it, 47.99 is 48) and decided to write a review about it. The bag has a vintage look to it, but has all the room, compartments and features offered by the latest messenger bags.

    Let’s start from the beginning. I had been looking for something other than a backpack to carry my stuff around. I have to go to college and work five days a week, and often I do not have enough time to go home and get a different bag to put my stuff in. I carry an iPhone, a Kindle, and a couple of text books (depending on what day it is) as a necessary part of my inventory. I also have a couple of pens, notepads, and some other occasional accessories.

    The Serbags Army Courier Vintage Bike Messenger Bag had more than enough room for all my things. There are exterior and interior pockets with zipper closures. And there are compartments for me to organize my stuff.

    I put the Kindle in a separate compartment. There is also a cell phone pocket. I used the exterior pocket for my pens; I also put spare change there from time to time.

    The best feature about the vintage messenger bag is that it does not look out of place anywhere. Whether I am at college, at work, or just walking down the street in a tank top and shorts, the messenger bag fits in.

    The material it’s made of is canvas, and though I have not put it through a trial of fire and brimstone, I know it’s made to survive the apocalypse. The bag also has a long adjustable strap and a zipper closure on top. From the looks of it, a notebook can fit in there, though I wouldn’t go as far as to say it has room for a laptop.

    If you browse the pictures closely, you can see that the color of the bag allows it to go with any outfit, formal or casual. In conclusion, I am extremely happy with the choice I made after several hours of internet research on messenger bags. The price is affordable, the bag is durable, and has more than enough room for my things.

    I give Serbags Army Courier Vintage Bike Messenger Bag a 5/5, and strongly recommend this bag to everyone.

    Shop for this bag here: http://www.serbags.com/products/army-courier-vintage-bike-messenger-bag

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  • 3 responses to “Army Courier Vintage Bike Messenger Bag Review

    1. Larry

      I was trying to buy this Vintage Canvas Military Messenger Bag, but it says its out of stock?! Can you please let me know, when will this bag be available again. Thanks

      1. serbags

        Thank you for your inquiry.

        There is a great demand for this bag.
        Vintage Canvas Military Messenger Bag will be available again by the end of April


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