• Bag-O-Scope: What Type of Bag Suits Your Horoscope Sign

    bag-o-scope-what-type-of-bag-suits-your-horoscope-signThe stars can tell you more than you could ever assume, even when it comes to fashion. Being unsatisfied with your accessories may make your life difficult, no matter if you realize that they bother you or it’s still buried deep in your subconsciousness. If you need some help, you can always consult astrology, even if you don’t take it seriously – it’s worth the shot. The next suggestions can make your life easier, so check them out!


    If you know an Aries, you know they always come on time and that they are always prepared. The fact is that they would prefer not to carry a bag at all, but there’s only so many things they can put in their pockets. However, if you’d ask them to describe the perfect bag, they would say it needs to be large so it can fit all their necessities. But this doesn’t mean they want to settle for something old-fashioned – being trendy is practically a must for them.


    A Taurus either spends time with their family or in their office. No matter how busy they are, they will always find time to shop and follow the latest trends in fashion. You’ll be able to recognize an ambitions Taurus by paying attention to their absolutely appropriate work outfit which is matched together by the latest fashion currents, and of course – a bag that arrived to shops the day before. The perfect bag for them would be an elegant briefcase in burgundy; they find it appealing and quite useful.


    The most difficult thing for a Gemini to do is to make a decision, and this also transfers to fashion and accessories. They are pretty smart when it comes to handling their budget, so a bag they actually decide to purchase needs to have a reasonable price. But that’s not nearly enough – that bag also needs to reach the pure perfection they have imagined. So, the next time you’re out shopping, my suggestion is to look for something in retro print, medium-sized and that’s over the shoulder, because face it – that’s something you always get no matter how much thought you give it.


    Every cancer needs to feel free no matter the occasion, so the obvious choice here is a hands-free bag. Their opinion tends to vary a lot, which they are aware of, so they always go for a classical piece that can be combined with most of their outfits. Chances are that they will wear it until it rips and falls apart, so it’s a good idea to get something of good quality which can last for ages. Even if your eye catches something in strong colors, you should definitely reconsider and get a bag that’s in soft, neutral colors – it will match your personality more and you won’t start hating it after a short period of time.


    A Leo is proud, and they really enjoy showing off. If their material status enables them to walk into a store and get the most expensive thing there, you can be confident they’ll do it. On the other hand, even if it doesn’t, they don’t have a habit for settling for less. They don’t bother too much with developing a particular taste – they’ll go for an item that’s brand new and of high quality. My suggestion is to go with a bag thoughtfully crafted out of leather, with gentle lining and classical design – maybe it will keep you out of the stores for a while.


    Every Virgo strives to surround themselves with simplicity. They aren’t fond of any kind of complications or drama, because they are highly practical and don’t appreciate their time being wasted. A Virgo needs a quality bag; the fact they are simple doesn’t imply that they don’t enjoy their little privileges. So, go for a bag that enables you to be efficient (something with pockets), that’s a classical piece, and that’s not too big, because it will slow you down.


    A Libra is a realist, so they know that one bag simply isn’t enough. Even though you can never catch them wearing an eccentric piece that shows a certain fashion attitude, they are great fashionistas – they simply don’t like to draw any unnecessary attention. Which brings us to my next point – for a Libra, a different occasion requires a different bag. Considering the fact you love shopping, this shouldn’t be any kind of issue for you.


    When a Scorpio enters a room, they light it up with vibrant energy. They have high social intelligence, they are really talkative and friendly. All these factors imply that they like a bit of spotlight, so obviously they need to look great. That’s why you shouldn’t think too much when getting a new bag, and listen to your instinct – no matter how flashy or colorful it is – the item you like.


    It’s in a Sagittarius’ nature to find a way to express themselves through some kind of art. They are often very loud, hilariously funny and eccentric, and each piece of clothing or accessory they pick out needs to emphasize those characteristics. They really couldn’t care less for being practical, so the bag they end up choosing needs to be unique and to have artistic value, which is really hard to find when you’re out shopping. My suggestion is to go for something which is custom-made according to your design.


    A Capricorn doesn’t really care for material things, and they don’t show a lot of interests for fashion. They are down-to-earth kind of people who prefer to work on their inner self instead of taking care of their appearance. A bag they currently use is probably quite old, but until it stays in one piece, they won’t have any problems with it. So, the next time you’re out shopping, which may be after a couple of years, go for a bag that fits your needs and don’t overthink it – it’s not like you care about anything else, right?


    Similar to a Capricorn, an Aquarius too isn’t too bothered with trends and fashion currents. They really like to feel comfortable, which can be quite obvious if you just pay attention to their outfits. However, when they are purchasing a piece they know it needs to last – like a bag – they will look for something in neutral colors which will match every piece they have in their closet. While we’re on the subject of closets, everything they own was probably a gift. But, if you want to get them something they’ll actually like, try to find a piece that has a print of their favorite band, a movie or a book character perhaps.


    A Pisces likes expensive things. This don’t show off and boast around with the nice things they have, but they really love brands and they won’t think twice when they see something they like, no matter what amount of money is in question. The fact is that they are hard-working, and that the money they spend is earned. The perfect bag for you needs to be a high quality piece that doesn’t draw too much attention, and that you can use to neatly and carefully store all your other precious possessions.

    I hope you have enjoyed my suggestions and that you find them helpful. I really look forward to your feedback!

    Written by Alex Filipovic

    Alex Filipovic has been in the world of blogging for over 4 years. Her interests lie in the world of Fashion and Health, but in her career, she covered a wide range of topics – from raising awareness about environmental issues to discussing the various advances in informational technology. She strives to keep herself up to date when it comes to all her interests, the list of which is constantly growing.

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