• Bags for Book Lovers – Ultimate List

    bags-for-book-loversBook lovers are gentle creatures. Being preoccupied with their inner worlds, they usually don’t take much interest in the real one. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve their fair share of fashion. In fact, these aficionados like their style as they like their stories – dreamy and clever.

    Fashion selectors are offering a pretty good choice of bags for those who are keen on having their books always with them, and that choice rarely goes beyond canvas tote bags. Mostly tacky and filled with pictures of reading cats and quotes, these bags are also quite impractical. Being a worshipper of books yourself, you must know how hard it is to find a stylish bag for your favorites. If so, try these out.

    College Backpack

    Although conventional, a backpack is matchless when it comes to piling up books inside of a bag. The thing that makes this timeless fashion item perfect for book lovers is its functionality. If your choice of books includes more than novels, and you are that kind of scholar who likes to have dictionaries and anthologies always on hand, you won’t find much space for them in other types of bags. Find a backpack with a lot of compartments to keep your academic essentials neat and to protect them from wearing out. Naturally, you’d want your backpack to resemble your sophisticated nature, which is something a regular canvas rucksack can’t do. Therefore, choose one made of leather, and play with shapes. Ultimately, there isn’t a bag that will grow to your literature-loving heart as much as the timeless British college backpack.

    Vintage Messenger

    Another impeccable pick of bag for those who prefer to stay retro is an iconic messenger. Even though not even one volume of The Cambridge History of English and American literature will fit in, Great Expectations for sure will, and it certainly won’t get lonely inside. A messenger bag offers a lot of space for publications of standard size, and modern designers don’t spare on compartments as well. Aged leather and brown tints are always the best choice, but no one says you can’t experiment with this trend. Pastel colors are charming on girls, and dark shades of red, green and blue are great with every outfit on boys.

    Dusty Satchel

    It’s hard to imagine a literate without a satchel. Similar to a messenger bag, it offers a lot of space to stock a dozen books of poems, but what makes this classic unique is its readiness for an adventure. If your choice of literature is specific, and you relish in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Worst Journey in the World or The Road (London, not McCarthy), then a satchel is your co-traveler. Naturally, such an adventurer needs its road dust, and if it doesn’t collect it while train-hopping or camping in the wild, you can add it yourself, by purchasing one of vintage, worn-out leather, or distressing the leather with some other technique. Be as it may, a satchel is, like your adventure books, a perfect trailblazer to guide you through the great outdoors.

    Patina Coated Suitcase

    With an umbrella and a homburg, a vintage suitcase is a sentimental reverie of Jazz Age. Packing your fiction in a suitcase is not just an easy task, it’s a ritual. Very much like the smell of library, this timeless design will make you want to put a kettle on, wear a monocle, or visit Paris. It’s an ode to long-passed times, and is therefore everything you want to tuck your period books in. And since they don’t lack in length, the bulky suitcase holds place for all of your Jane Austen’s, F. Scott Fitzgeralds, and even a couple of Proust’s. So, dust off your grandparents’ luggage cases, for they are just perfect for your trip back in time. Turn up the collar of your coat, and hope that that will be a beginning of a beautiful friendship.

    Hat Box 

    There has never been a case of lovelier attributes then a hat box. Anna Karenina carried it along to Moscow and Emma Bovary had it with her in Yonville. Although a hat box is somewhat impractical due to its round shape, its depth allows it to be transformed into a refined, antique book case. For girls, prints and patterns are endless as they are adorable, and for boys, vintage leather ones carry the touch of chivalry. For both, hat boxes will once again sparkle the love for reading a book on a train.

    Written by Alex Filipovic

    Alex Filipovic has been in the world of blogging for over 4 years. Her interests lie in the world of Fashion and Health, but in her career, she covered a wide range of topics – from raising awareness about environmental issues to discussing the various advances in informational technology. She strives to keep herself up to date when it comes to all her interests, the list of which is constantly growing.

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