• Break the Rules: 10 Fashion Myths You Shouldn’t Pay Attention To

    break-the-rules-10-fashion-myths-you-shouldnt-pay-attention-toFollowing fashion rules can be quite binding, especially if you like to experiment. How many times have you put an outfit on and decided to change a couple of things to make it look more acceptable for others? That’s all about to change. All fashionistas should be happy to hear that some rules got really old, and that it’s time to break them! Check out the next 10 fashion myths, because it’s time to let go of those rules once and for all.

    Bags Need to Match Your Shoes

    For a really long time, matching a bag with our shoes was a must, but this rule needs to stay in the past where it belongs. Match different colors, textures and styles – whatever you do, I’m sure your outfit will look amazing. Also, forget about matching your belt with your shoes, and go crazy.

    Tall Women Shouldn’t Wear Heels

    Do you really think that genetics has any relation with fashion? No women should be bound to deny herself the pleasure of wearing heels just because she’s tall. Enjoy your femininity, wear high heels and don’t pay attention to any comments.

    Prints Shouldn’t Be Mixed

    For some time, women considered that an elegant outfit should consist out of one or maybe two colors – prints haven’t even been mentioned here. But, that’s all about to change! You can pull off a red carpet outfit by colliding two completely different prints and look absolutely amazing.

    Short Women Shouldn’t Wear Long Dresses

    Similar to the claim that tall women shouldn’t wear heels, this one too is equally ridicules. If you like wearing long dresses, go for it, regardless of your height.

    Socks Don’t Go with Open Toe Shoes

    Now this one is interesting, because if you think about it, these two really don’t seem to be a good idea. However, socks match really great when combined with toe shoes, and you should definitely test this theory. Naturally, the rest of the outfit needs to work as well, if you want this experiment to work.

    Never match Navy & Black, Pink & Red or Gold & Silver

    Similar to “don’t wear white after labor day”, these color combinations were a big no-no. But now, you can easily make it work if you pick out the right items. Making a match such as this is a really bold and edgy choice, and all fashionistas will definitely appreciate it.

    Sequins Are for Night Only

    This simply isn’t true – who can tell you not to be fabulous during the day? Pulling of an outfit with sequins has never been easier, and you can easily combine garments with sequins with your workwear, for example.

    No More than One Bold Color

    Carefully picking out garments and accenting everything with just one bold color is a safe way to create an outfit. But, sometimes, you should forget about those rules and bust this myth by clashing together something you normally wouldn’t, like blue and green.

    No Minis for Women After 30

    Showing skin can be done tastefully, no matter how old you are, so you shouldn’t allow statements like this to stop you. Many respectful women who achieved great things in their career never stop wearing minis, nor should you.

    Say No Denim on Denim

    If you had a chance to follow through any fashion event these season, you probably saw that the whole world went crazy for denim. We finally passed that stage where only one clothing item made out of denim is allowed – you can clash together whichever two denim garments you like in whatever shade you consider appropriate.

    Being a fashionista is all about finding a way to express your personality through clothes, so you shouldn’t let any myth stop you on your way to do it. I hope you’ll find my article insightful, and I really look forward to some feedback.

    Written by Ivan Dimitrijevic

    Ivan Dimitrijevic

    Ivan Dimitrijevic is a seasoned blogger with years of experience. His skill sets include Social Media and Content Marketing and blogging on a variety of topics. He is the founder of MyCity Web and has had many articles published on serious blogs over the years on topics ranging from Digital Marketing, Business to Home, Health, Fashion & Lifestyle.

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