• Brown Leather Crossbody Messenger Bag Review

    The days of carrying a briefcase are long gone
    . The bulky appearance of a briefcase is not fashionable, and people want to look trendy when going to work. However, it is still essential that all your daily items get carried to the office, so what kind of bag are you to turn to?

    Messenger style bags have become increasingly popular over the years for a number of reasons. They have become a fashion-forward style for carrying your everyday necessities, not only for the average Joe but also business professionals.

    This Crossbody bag is a modern day leather messenger bag style. The look is very clean and smooth, which is what gives it that modern day appeal.


    You can see that the bag is designed to carry a small laptop or iPad, along with your other important documents, books, and daily essentials. The bag is not in any way bulky or overpowering, which gives the one who is carrying it the comfort they desire. If you are looking for a bag to carry a 15”-17” laptop, this is not your bag. It is not large enough to accommodate a laptop of that size.


    When I first laid eyes on this Crossbody bag, I immediately thought of a prestigious business professional carrying this to and from the office. There are a variety of reasons why this thought came into my mind. One was because of the simplistic modern day look it provides. This style is very trendy for a professional who is climbing the ladder in the business world.

    Maybe not such a great look for a skateboarder riding the streets of New York. However, I would go as far to say, this bag has enough character that a skateboarder could easily incorporate it into his edgy style.

    The top flap is closed with two buckled straps that contain quick magnetic snaps. This is my favorite form of closure, because it makes it so easy to get into your bag. I am a simple girl, who does not need a fancy way of fastening. This Crossbody bag scored some brownie points with me by having the quick snap feature.


    There is a nice sized zipper compartment located on the flap of this messenger inspired Crossbody bag. The long adjustable strap can also be worn over the shoulder. Having the ability to carry your bag in different ways is very useful, because you never know when you may need a more hands free method, such as Crossbody.


    On the back you will see another large zipper compartment. I love this, because the number one rule about carrying a bag in public is to keep your most valuable possessions closest to your body. This pocket allows you to do just that. You can even store an iPad in this section, which is a great option to have if you are walking through crowded streets on a daily bases.


    Once the flap of the bag is open, you can see the wealth of organization this compact bag contains. For me, finding a perfect bag, is all about organization. I hate digging for the things I need, especially if I need them right now. This Crossbody bag is divided into three sections. The front section is small in size, and closes with a traditional snap. The middle section is a bit larger, as you can see an item the size of an iPad will fit in this section. It is also closed with a traditional snap.


    The last section is closed with a zipper, and is the main compartment of the bag. It contains a wall, zipper, and cell phone. There is also plenty of room to house all your items. Although, this bag is not large in size, it contains just the right amount of room to store all the things you need.

    My Final Thought

    The Casual Crossbody Bag is made of premium quality soft genuine leather, which is the reason it presents a high gloss shine. Besides the beautiful shine that this bag possesses, the surface is very smooth and soft. This is a nice look when wanting to present yourself as a sophisticated individual. This bag was made for everyday wear and tear, and contains all the great makings of a quality bag. There are big possibilities in this small Crossbody bag.

    Although, the modern day style is not something I embrace often, this bag has the ability to look more edgy with casual wear. It’s all about personality, and this compact bag definitely has that! So, you may see me out on the town with this delectable treat draped cross body style.

    Shop for this bag here: http://www.serbags.com/collections/leather-messenger-bags/products/casual-leather-crossbody-bag

    Written by Jennifer Ogden

    Jennifer Ogden

    My passion comes from the words I pour upon a page. Writing is something that has carried me through my life, and it fills me with joy each time a reader hears my voice. My writing obsession started in fourth grade, and it has now become my full time job. I wake each morning overjoyed knowing that I get to share my passion with the world.

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