• Canvas Messenger Bag Buying Guide

    Wish to carry all your valuables
    , books, laptop, and accessories without using a backpack? The backpack wouldn’t be able to survive the weight and the sharp corners of the books anyway; so we decided to provide you with the perfect alternative, canvas messenger bags. In this blog, we will discuss why canvas is the ideal material for you and what qualities to look for in a canvas messenger bag.

    Canvas is a sturdy material, and is highly resistant to daily wear and tear. It quickly dries up but it is not completely waterproof. It is the ideal material to do all the heavy lifting and to resist all kinds of weather and physical damage. When buying a canvas messenger bag, you have to keep the following in mind.

    Size Matters


    Canvas messenger bags come in a variety of sizes. Your choice are small, medium (laptop), and large. If you need to carry a lot of books, accessories, and your laptop along with other valuables, go for the large size. If items in your inventory are on a need to carry basis only, go for the small size.

    The medium sized variety may or may not have a separate compartment for your laptop. It is ideal for people who need to carry their laptop wherever they go. Do not simply fall for the design, carefully choose the size according to your requirements.

    Color and Design
    Ever since messenger bags have crossed over from being used by a select few to being used by students and professionals alike, a wide variety of colors and designs have surfaced. Every designer has their own trademark style, design, and color combinations. You have to choose one that suits your lifestyle. A leathery brown canvas messenger bag pretty much fits in everywhere.

    Similarly there are cargo style messenger bags, flap-over messenger bags, briefcase style messenger bags, and laptop messenger bags. Instead of simply buying what you like, make sure you choose a bag that fits your lifestyle, the same bag that worked for the uni may not work for the first day at the office. Brown and its varying shades are the perfect fit for every environment, not to mention they will go with most of your outfits.

    Canvas Messenger Bags Price Comparisons


    The prices vary from label to label but what you need to look for is the price/value ratio. Is the bag made of high quality material? Is it more durable than the rest of the competition? Once you have answers to these questions, purchasing would become easier. Serbags’ messenger bags are the best canvas messenger bags in this regard, the prices are affordable, and the quality can be compared to any big name brand.

    Shop for this bag here: http://www.serbags.com/products/washed-casual-heavy-duty-canvas-messenger-with-many-pockets

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    How to choose the right messenger bags for school?
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