• Crazy Horse Leather Brown Slim Vintage Shoulder Bag Review

    My love for bags is endless. There are so many uses for bags, and today I am so excited to review the Slim Vintage Laptop bag by Serbags. I have been in search of a simplistic design, high quality, professional looking bag, and this is the one. As a freelance writer, I tend to have a lot of meetings with my clients and this bag has all the qualities I have been looking for.

    The vintage style is something I have long embraced because it is a classic style that is here to stay. The fact that this slim bag is constructed with leather was an added bonus for me, as it gives the sophistication I was looking for in a laptop bag.

    Perhaps, one of the most noted features of this Vintage Laptop bag is the sleek and slim design. That is precisely why it was love at first sight when I laid eyes upon this magnificent bag.

    Serbags has a knack for taking a vintage inspired bag, and giving it a modern day twist. When you look at this laptop bag from the front, you can see the simplistic design which holds so much possibility. The buckles are designed to fasten with magnetic quick snaps. This makes it easy to gain access to the content of your bag. This is an awesome feature, because there is nothing worse than fighting to get into your bag when you need something quickly.

    Overall, this vintage shoulder bag measures 13″L x 9.5″D x 9.5″H inches and weights 2.2 lbs when empty.

    On the backside of the bag, is a convenient zipper pocket that can hold items of value. It’s always a smart choice to store valuables in a pocket closest to your body. The bag is not loud, nor is it highly decorated. However, it gives a metro life appeal that is simple and clean. This feature allows both men and women to enjoy carrying this vintage bag and look amazing while doing it.

    It is constructed with Crazy Horse Leather, which gives the bag a rugged yet sophisticated appearance. Allowing you to carry the bag to formal events, or utilize it with your everyday casual wear. That made this bag all the more valuable to me, because I can utilize it in many aspects of my life.

    When this slim and trim bag is laying on its side, it is easy to see why it has the word “slim” in the title. However, don’t let the slim appearance of the bag fool you. This bag can hold a good amount of content. Once the flap is lifted, there is a zipper closure, which gives added protection for all the items in your bag.

    There is one long adjustable strap, which can be worn over the shoulder or cross body style.


    All the hardware is finished in antique brass, which helps give this bag some vintage flare. Serbags takes special care to ensure there is double stitching around all hardware, which gives added protection when carrying a heavy load.

    There is a short handle on top of this laptop bag for easy grab and go access. The shoulder strap can easily be removed if you prefer carrying the bag with the short handle.

    Don’t let the slender look of this bag fool you, as there is an adequate amount of room to store everything you need to take. There is a cushioned section which is designed to store and secure your laptop. The inside of this vintage inspired bag contains multiple pockets, and tons of room to store books, documents, or any other items you may need.

    My final thought on this bag:

    If you are looking for a bag that is slender, fashionable, and functional the Leather Slim Vintage Laptop bag is a clear choice. It will provide you with the comfort, style, and durability that you require.

    This slender bag will be carried with ease and stored virtually anywhere. As I carry this bag to my meetings, I will embrace a modern day look that contains edginess and fashion forward style. For me, this is the perfect blend of everything I need to look professional, and secure the vintage look that I love.

    You can buy this bag here: http://www.serbags.com/collections/leather-messenger-bags/products/brown-slim-vintage-notebook-shoulder-bag

    Written by Jennifer Ogden

    Jennifer Ogden

    My passion comes from the words I pour upon a page. Writing is something that has carried me through my life, and it fills me with joy each time a reader hears my voice. My writing obsession started in fourth grade, and it has now become my full time job. I wake each morning overjoyed knowing that I get to share my passion with the world.

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