• Don’t Be Stingy: 5 Practical Must-Haves for Men

    dont-be-stingy-5-practical-must-haves-for-menIt is a widely known fact that quality things are pricey. When you sum up your bills at the end of the day, you’ll inevitably come to the conclusion that it pays off to give more money for an item right away than to purchase something of poor quality over and over again.

    Of course, the thing is, you probably don’t have enough money to buy everything you need, but it’s definitely better not to buy it at all than to get something that’s going to break or lose its value in a short period of time. When it comes to the next groups of items, I’d strictly advise not to get a low-quality version of any of them – be sure you’ll regret it if you do. Check it out!


    You shouldn’t do anything that may endanger the health of your vision. Purchasing sunglasses which have bad glasses could do that, especially if that glass is curved or damaged in any way. Besides, they’ll only last for last for a couple of weeks, tops.

    When looking for new sunglasses, you need to make sure that the glass blocks UV rays. If you pay attention, I believe that you’d be perfectly capable to determine if sunglasses are worth the price or not. A piece of advice – the coat which prevents UV rays makes glass darker, so the darker the glass, the more protection you’ll have. Besides, if you notice that its frame is bendy or poorly colored, you should leave them right where you found them.

    Footwear & Workwear

    Shoes need to be comfortable – it doesn’t get much further than that. Getting a pair that’s not covering the health standards will make your life difficult, and you’ll regret the money you gave for them, no matter which amount is in question. Being able to move properly affects the rest of your body more than you are aware – you could have a lot of problems with your spine if you don’t insist on a proper body posture.

    Workwear should be simple, elegant and of good quality. Garments which are made out of lousy materials will look bad. Besides, they’ll become worn out before you know it, and you’ll have to invest more money into them, which is pointless. But, not all branded clothing items are good – do some research before you actually purchase something in order to know exactly where your money goes.

    Messenger Bag

    This is one item you probably use all the time – if you don’t, you definitely should start. Not only that it matches practically any outfit, but it also looks great. Your choice of bags should be based on the next three terms – elegant, simple and practical. I believe that something like this will do the trick, and it’ll last for ages. There’s enough room for everything you may need during your busy day – your notebook and other gadgets, personal items, and even gym equipment – everything will fit since it has differently sized pockets.


    Rip-offs and copies smell bad. Getting a perfume that costs triple the price you’d normally pay for a poor replica will actually cost less – copies are usually a lot stronger than the originals when you put them on, but that scent will go away in a matter of hours. You’ll want to have a perfume that you put on in the morning and which lasts the whole day, and which makes your clothes smell nice, as well. That’s not possible if you insist on buying rip-offs.


    As everything mentioned above, gadgets you get need to be durable. I’m sure you’ll be able to find an exact replica of a branded notebook, for example, but be positive that something’s going to go wrong with it. Of course, brands are a lot more expensive, but that’s for a very good reason – their quality isn’t questionable, unlike some poor replica the origin of which is suspicious. Every man enjoys his toys, and that is why you should invest into making your own experience better.

    I know there’s a lot of items inside of these groups, but if you do decide to take my advice, I’m sure you’ll be more satisfied. Take your time, collect the items individually, and when your financial situation allows it, enjoy the quality of your life, which will be significantly improved. Let me know how it goes!

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