• Getting Your Wardrobe Spring-Ready

    getting-your-wardrobe-spring-readyWe can start preparing for the spring, which is once again going to bring all the colors back into our lives, and into our wardrobe. You might be wondering if it is too early to think about this, but it is better to have enough time to prepare your closet, but also your wallet, and buy everything you need slowly, so that you do not even feel it. This will take some pressure off of your finances, but also of you, as you won’t need to shop like crazy when the temperatures go up, and furthermore, now is the perfect time to buy summer clothes, since they are very cheap – most retailers are trying to get rid of the last season stuff before they even start preparing for the upcoming heat waves.

    Take a Close Look at Your Closet

    If you do not like taking care of your closet, it must already be filled with all kinds of stuff, from all seasons mixed up together. This happens even to the best of us, simply because no one likes doing stuff that is, well, boring. But this just means that you need to dedicate some time to it, and it will certainly improve your routine, and your mood, every time you need to select something new to wear. When starting a thorough clean-up, you will need to create a few piles containing your old wardrobe:

    • What You’ll KeepThere are things that you wear all the time, and that are in good shape, meaning that you will be able to wear them next year. This includes all the items you do not even want to get rid of – either because you love them, or you look good in them. Be ruthless, and keep only what you really need.
    • What You’ll Give Away – There are certainly many items which you do not wear because you do not like them at all or because you think you look like a hippo while wearing them. This is the perfect opportunity to exercise that charitable muscle. Finding a new home for them is not going to be at all hard, just find the nearest Red Cross or the donation bin at Goodwill and donate them, or if you feel that they are in quite a good condition – sell them online.
    • What You Will Wear Later On – If you gained a few pounds during the winter holidays, who can blame you, honestly, it is perfectly normal to keep those skinny jeans until you can smoothly fit inside them once again.

    Plan Your Future Shopping

    Think about what you need and what you can buy right now. Like I’ve mentioned, there are a lot of things left from the last season that can be bought at an extremely affordable price. While caring about the latest trends is important, some things are just universal, such as jeans, t-shirts and so on, and whenever you do buy them, you won’t be wrong. Take note of other things that you will need – maybe a new pair of jeans because the old ones are getting a bit boring, or you might need a new light jacket. Even a simple messenger bag can improve your look, and not to mention how practical it may be, especially if you are constantly running out of space in your old bag.

    When shopping, make sure to buy things that can be paired with what you already own, this way you will ensure you always have a new style, even though you are using your old stuff. This will create the impression of a much bigger, and more expensive, wardrobe. Buying only a few items can get you excited for the summer, and everyone needs a little bit of splurging here and there. And when the spring comes, you will be prepared for it without even knowing it.

    Written by Aleksandar Ilic

    I’m an active blogger with more than two years of experience behind me and I really love what I do. I primarily focus on lifestyle, business and entertainment related topics but my passion still remains with gaming. I’m is also a big fan of epic fiction and an active guitar player. I have an active Twitter profile so feel free to connect with me.

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