• Gift for Him: How to Find the Perfect One?

    gift-for-him-how-to-find-the-perfect-oneEvery special occasion requires a thoughtful gift. People tend to feel obligated to buy something and pay good money for it, but that’s not the point at all. What makes a gift good is its meaning, not its price. The more you know a person, the more you’ll be able to find something they really need or want. But, even if you know a person for a very long time, you can simply run out of inspiration.

    In that case, you should check out the following list which consists out of “types” of men, based on their interests – by classifying the person you want to get a gift for, you’ll be able to get a clear picture of what he needs or wants!

    Into Sports

    If that guy is all about being fit, eating healthy and watching sports, your problem about what to get can be solved quite easily. Your range of gifts can be anywhere between singing him in for a new martial art class (sports enthusiasts love new challenges), getting him a new piece of equipment (anything that can improve his game is more than welcome) or perhaps getting him season tickets so he could watch his favorite team.


    Is he always talking about the latest book he read? It’s not so difficult to discover a book fan, especially because they always have a book with them. Besides, if you’re familiar with his home, and you’ve noticed shelves with books on them, look no further. Before you do get a book, just make sure it’s something fitting, something from the genre he prefers.

    Tech Guy

    It’s not hard at all to recognize a guy who’s into technology – if he’s talking about the cutting edge pieces and always finding new ways to upgrade his computer, this is your guy. If technology is not quite your area of expertise, I’d recommend to ask him or one of his friends about what he needs, so you don’t waste your money onto something outdated.


    Guys into technology aren’t necessarily gamers, but these two groups can be joined together. When getting a video game, you just need to check out some recommendations on a certain YouTube channel for example, and make sure he doesn’t already have that one.

    Fashion Enthusiast

    Get him some quality garment, and your business here is done. If he’s into fashion, that implies that he knows what he likes, so make sure to get him something that matches his style so that he’d actually wear it sometimes. Maybe you should transfer your focus from clothes, and get him some kind of accessory or a nice messenger bag! Just check his size before you do purchase something, or make sure that that store is open-minded when it comes to its return policy.

    Big Shot

    If he has symptoms of a workaholic, he’s either Mr. Big Shot or he has clear ambitions to become one. I’m sure a guy that fits into this profile would appreciate a piece of work clothing, like a nice tie perhaps, but maybe you should go in a completely different direction and enable him to catch a break – perhaps an appointment for a massage would be suitable.

    The Fun One

    It’s very simple to recognize a guy who enjoys the spotlight – he’s loud, always making jokes and he knows a lot of different people because he can talk to practically anyone. My experience showed that a ticket for a good stand up show, or perhaps even entering him in one, will do the trick here.


    This one is a bit harder, especially if you’re not into art. It’s difficult to predict what piece of art he will like, so maybe you should consider some kind of a gift that breathes creativity. No matter what kind of DIY skills you have, making something by yourself is definitely a good choice, like a collage or a painting, or anything that comes to your mind.

    If you still don’t know what to get him after all of this, you should probably be straightforward and ask him. This will exclude the element of surprise, but do it anyway, so you don’t waste money and feel bad about it. I hope you’ll find my list helpful, and I’d really like you to let me know how it goes!

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