• How to choose the right messenger bags for school?

    can ruin children’s posture and let’s face it; they are not in fashion anymore. The latest fad among school going children and teenagers are messenger bags. When buying messenger bags for school, it’s important to keep the following criteria in mind:

    Size: The size must be appropriate for the number of items your child/teenager has to carry to school. School messenger bags come in small, medium, and large sizes with some varieties having the capacity to carry a laptop. Find the perfect fit for your child/teenager. Do not opt for smaller or larger sizes unnecessarily.


    Durability: Student messenger bags are popular for their durability. Some messenger bags for school can last for decades, and some leather varieties of saddle messenger bags are even guaranteed to last a hundred years.

    The price and durability of these bags are often directly proportional; you could opt for a bag that could last a couple of years and you could go for the long haul, it depends on your budget. We recommend you buy canvas messenger bags for students; they are both affordable and durable.

    Style: Youngsters today are extremely conscious about their image. When you decide to buy a bag for your child/teenager, make sure you include them in the decision making process when it comes to style. Although it may not be in line with your parenting style, but they will have to be seen in public wearing that bag, so it’s only fair they get to voice their opinion about style.

    Luckily, messenger bags come in a variety of styles and designs, and you will have plenty to choose in this regard.

    Compartments: Messenger bags for college usually have a lot of compartments and pockets so that students can keep their books, accessories, binders etc organized. However, some designs necessarily render the bag as one large pocket. Take your time and find the right amount of pockets and compartments.


    Straps: The strap is a prominent feature in most messenger bags for schools. Make sure you buy a bag with an adjustable and padded strap. If the strap in your chosen bag is not adjustable, make sure it is the right size for your child/teenager. Straps that are too long or too short will make it impractical for your child to carry the bag on a regular basis.

    Closure: There is a large variety of closures when it comes to messenger bags. For school messenger bags, flaps are the most common closures. Some bags come with buttons, other with zippers. There is a large variety to choose from and you should consider safety and style of the closure while choosing the bag.


    Did you find this guide helpful? Share your experiences, ideas, and feedback in the comments section.

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