• How to Dress Like An Italian Man?

    how-to-dress-like-an-italian-manItalian men have a certain style that screams smooth, sensual and sexy. These men are no strangers when it comes to a visit to the tailor. They have nailed  a fashion forward style that even women admire and look to for inspiration. Do you want to become a chic Italian man? A women’s Parisian dream?

    Here is a guide to help you imitate the style of an Italian man.

    An Italian man would never be seen wearing un-trendy jean cuts or pleated khaki pants. Nor will they wear a button up plaid shirt, or dream of carrying their cell phone using a belt clip.

    #1 The Fit

    Begin by ensuring that your clothing fits correctly. Italian men are known to wear clothing that is made for their body. Meaning, the shoulders and sleeves are the correct alignment. Ending and beginning in the correct spots.  Seams that connect the shoulder and arms on a shirt should end right where the shoulder and arms are joined. If this seam falls lower than this, it is an incorrect fit.

    The shirt needs to fit close to the body, without being tight. You never want the buttons to look like they are coming undone. A shirt that fits incorrect can be altered very easily. Tucking the shirt into the pants will help you see if it is the correct fit. If there is extra material that hangs out the front, or if the shirt is bunched up in the back then the shirt is too big. Another size will need to be selected.

    The biggest mistake that men have when it comes to getting clothing that fits correctly, is choosing pant’s that are incorrectly hemmed. The pants need to come right at the top of the shoe. They should never go over the shoe. Some even say that they can go up an inch higher, so the ankle shows. It is highly recommended that pants be adjusted, so they fall just past the ankle, as this provides a sleek look.

    Despite its price, the best fit is when you get a custom made shirt, suit and pants. This is an investment that you will never regret, as you will have the perfect fit and will not have to continuously buy clothing that does not fit correctly.

    #2 Color

    Color seems to be something that is scary for some men. Well, there are certain colors that can only be worn by men who have enough gusto to pull them off. However, color can be introduced into your look in small doses, and you will feel safe doing so. Try introducing color with the accessories that you choose, such as an orange belt. You can pair it with jeans and a white shirt.

    #3 Accessories

    There isn’t a lot when it comes to men’s accessories. However, the accessories that are available can make a big impact. Take for example, a men’s leather messenger bag. This type of bag can have a big impact on your overall look. It can bring sophistication, as well as rugged edge. There is something about a messenger bag that screams masculinity, and to pair that with leather brings a whole new realm of flavor to a man’s look. Not only is the leather messenger useful, as you can carry all your daily essentials. It is also full of characteristics that will transform any look that you are trying to create.

    Take these style tips and transform from the average Joe to a smooth talking Italian stud. This is a look that you will never want to let go once you master it, because it will win over all the ladies and earn you respect from other men.

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