• How to Load Your Backpack Correctly?


    It’s that time of year again. Soon the alarm clocks will be ringing, and you will be hurrying along each morning, trying to prepare your child for school. During these hectic times, parents think very little about the overloaded backpacks their kids are carrying to and from school. However, this is something that needs to be addressed, as it could cause lasting effects to your child’s posture and other health related issues.

    Here are some tips to go over with your child before school even begins, so that you can introduce them to a healthy way of loading their backpack for weight distribution.

    How to Load a Backpack


    Loading a backpack is all about balance. Ensure the heaviest items are towards the top, and closest to you. This will keep the bag from pulling on your back and shoulders. As a general rule, all the heavy items should be located towards the back of the pack.

    Medium Weight: Clothing should be distributed around the heavy items, in the top portion of the pack. This will help give structure and form to the bag.


    Heavy Weight: Shoes, laptops, and cameras should be in the middle of the pack, and closest to your body.


    Lightweight: All your weightless items that are not delicate should be placed in the bottom of the backpack. Ensure  that these items will not give way to heavier items located towards the top of the bag.


    Loading Tips

    • * A backpack should never weigh over 15% of your child’s body weight. (See the table to find the right weight).
    • * Make sure to load all the heaviest items towards the back of the pack.
    • * Arrange all the items so that the content does not move around while traveling.
    • * Check your child’s backpack often to see if all the content is necessary. Eliminating content always helps organization and decrease weight.
    • * If your child does have a day where their backpack is overloaded, encourage them to carry one of their books to help take off some of the weight.
    • * There is always the option to purchase a backpack with wheels, if your school system allows them. However, rolling backpacks are not highly upheld by most schools.

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    Written by Jennifer Ogden

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