• How to Maintain Your Leather Bag?

    how-to-maintain-your-leather-bagYou have to take into consideration the type of leather you are dealing with when it comes to cleaning your handbag. A deerskin leather handbag is more hardy than a cow skin handbag. The deerskin leather is soft and has the ability to keep its shape, and this does not change even when the bag gets wet. Cow skin leather cannot get wet, as this will damage the way the bag looks and its ability to maintain its shape.

    When you properly care for your leather bag, you are providing longevity, functionality and maintaining its overall appearance. Follow these steps to give your leather bag the maintenance it needs.

    Type of Leather

    Always find out what type of leather was used to make your bag, and from there you can choose the best cleaning methods. You may be able to find this information on a tag or label inside the bag.  Suede bags will possess a very soft surface. The natural scraps and markings will show through on a deer skin or cow hide leather bag.

    Waterproof and Condition

    To preserve the natural beauty of your leather bag, you will want to apply a conditioner and waterproof to the bag regularly. You should always choose a conditioner that is specifically made to apply to leather. This will help the leather to keep its natural softness and elasticity.  Suede leather bags will take a specific waterproofing product to provide an advancement to the bag’s ability to resist water.


    All leathers will have a different method of cleaning, as they react differently to being damp. You will want to match up the type of leather that you have according to the type of cleaning method you should approach. For a deer skin leather bag, you will be able to use a gentle soap solution with a damp cloth to clear the bag of stains. Suede is less hardy, and you will want to use a cleaner that is specifically made for suede to rid the bag of stains. You will want to avoid any harsh chemicals when cleaning a leather bag.


    The way you store your leather handbag is part of its maintenance as well. Ensure that the bag is stored in a dark area, and remains room temperature.  It is ideal to store the bag in a storage bag or box. However, do not use a plastic bag, as this can cause mold. Before storing your bag, stuff it with tissue paper to help keep its form. Do not use newsprint as this can rub off onto the lining of the bag.

    Giving your leather bag proper maintenance will prolong its life. A leather bag should be looked at as an investment, as they have the ability to last years. Always read your handbag manufacture’s instructions to ensure you are not doing anything that could damage the leather.  A nice leather handbag can keep its appearance and functionality with a little care from you.

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