• Old Versus New: A Piece of History Inspired Fashion

    During WWII, soldiers were introduced to a new way of carrying their belongings. The U.S. Military switched from using the traditional barracks bag, which had a drawstring closure to using a duffel bag. Duffel bags are still the most common form of carrying bags for the military.

    Serbags has recreated a piece of history with her fashionable Canvas Travel-Hiking Rucksack Backpack. This bag is very versatile, and can be used for traveling, hiking, and much more. It resembles a part of history, while inspiring a spacious carry along bag that screams vintage.

    The Military Duffel bag and the Canvas Rucksack are similar, but also have some differences. Here is a comparison of old verses new.

    Duffel Bag

    The main purpose of the military inspired duffel bag was to store clothing and equipment. The bags were often sent ahead of the soldiers, and awaited them when they arrived. The bag could also be carried on the back if shipping was not an option. The duffel bag was a big improvement compared to the former barracks bag.


    The bag is made of canvas, cylindrical shape, round bottom, open top surrounded by a circle of grommets, and olive drab color. There is a carrying handle, as well as a shoulder strap. The strap starts in the center, and ends in a snap-hook at the bottom of the bag. It measures 36-38 inches long, and 12-15 inches around.

    There is a metal loop that laces through a grommet opening to close the duffel bag. A flap is provided to cover the bag’s contents, and the grommets are laced through a metal loop causing them to fall together. Once the grommets are gathered, the snap link located on the shoulder strap is fastened. This provides a snug and secure closure. Soldiers even have the option to add a lock to prevent thieves from getting in their bags.

    In later years, there were additions to the duffel bag like side pockets that included a snap closure, and replacement of the shoulder strap with a double harness giving it the ability to act as a backpack.

    Canvas Travel- Hiking Rucksack Backpack

    Serbags is known for her fashion savvy bags that compliment both men and women. It was no surprise when we found a piece of history, and made it into a trend of the twenty-first century.

    Serbags used canvas to keep with the original inspired duffel bag. We only use the highest quality of canvas, making it durable, and has the ability to withstand any type of weather. Caring for the Canvas Rucksack is easy. It can be wiped clean, and lay flat to dry.

    The Rucksack has double shoulder straps that are adjustable. This makes it easy to throw on the pack for a long hike. It also has short handles on the side, so it can be carried like a duffel bag.

    The backpack possesses a vintage rustic look, and is brown in color with contrasting leather accents to make this backpack really stand out. There is a hook-snap on each side to give it a gathered look. This was inspired from the military duffel bag.

    The inside of the Rucksack, is very spacious. It includes an interior wall zipper pocket, as well as a special pocket for your cell phone. There are two exterior pockets that are closed with leather buckle straps.


    The Rucksack is much smaller than the military duffel bag, but still gives the space a traveler would need when venturing out to discover the world. It measures 18.1 inches in height, 11.4 inches wide.

    Both bags serve the same purpose. To carry the things you need from here to there. Although, the duffel bag is larger, the Rucksack is a more convenient alternative for a lifestyle filled with adventure.

    If you are looking for a backpack that offers tons of room and gives a fashionable vintage feel, the Canvas Travel- Hiking Rucksack Backpack is a sure fit. While sporting this history inspired bag, your friends will ask where you got such a beautiful pack. Refer them to Serbags, where they too can grab their piece of history.

    Shop for this bag here: http://www.serbags.com/collections/canvas-backpacks/products/canvas-travel-hiking-rucksack-backpack-dark-brown

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