• Organize Accessories: 4 Simple DIY Projects for Your Closet

    organize-accessories-4-simple-diy-projects-for-your-closetNot all of us are lucky to be blessed with a walk-in closet. Having it means you don’t have to worry about not having enough storage room, because there are shelves and drawers in all shapes and sizes, so you can place everything without ever getting a feeling that it’s crowded in there.

    But, until we get there, we need to do our best in order to create a functional environment for all our clothes, shoes and of course – accessories. Since looking for a certain necklace or an earring can be really time taking, especially if you’re a fashion enthusiast (which usually means you have a ton of jewelry pieces in various boxes), I found four very interesting DIY projects. Neither of them will take much of your time, and I found them to be quite useful, so give them a try!

    Cork Pin Board 

    The only difficulty with this project may be the process of collecting corks. After it, everything you’ll need is some glue and a frame to hold everything in. Before you start using it, make sure it’s completely dry, so you don’t have troubles with pieces falling off of your board, and of course – get some pins. Besides being helpful with accessory management, it’ll look pretty great as part of your interior design.

    Interior Doors Coat Hanger

    If you’re not too handy with hammers or drills, using glue will also be efficient enough with this project as well. However, if you do find a hanger like this one on the picture below, even glue won’t be necessary – just hang it inside your closet door! By doing this, you’ll make a great place to store your bags, coats and even jewelry!

    Duct-Tape & Ribbon – Jewelry, Sunglasses

    Find a nice and colorful piece of plywood or a really firm piece of cardboard. If you have something in a color you don’t like, you can easily solve this problem by applying a fresh color of paint or gluing on some kind of print you like. When that’s done, divide that space into equal parts and estimate how many rows of yarn or ribbon is enough, so it don’t get too crowded. When you’re done with that, glue down those strings, or staple them if you find that easier. This will do, but in order to spice things up a bit, you can add a nice frame and voila – you have a place to store your jewelry and sunglasses!

    Board & Door Knobs – Jackets, Bags

    If you have any door knobs lying around with no reason, no matter how different they are, you can finally find use for them! You need a two by four to put them together, but before you do, make sure you give them a makeover by cleaning them thoroughly and applying a layer of paint. When that’s done, you can use glue or a couple of screws to bind all of that together, and there you go – a brand new and unique hanger for your accessories!

    As I already mentioned – it can’t get simpler than this! I’m sure you’ll love your new storage room, especially because you made it. I hope you enjoyed my suggestions, and I’m really looking forward to some feedback.

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