• Rules to Rock the Street Style

    rules-to-rock-the-street-styleWhether you are going on a branch or a weekend event during the day, it is important to make a difference between the office/business style and the street style. Men think that street style automatically means wearing casual clothes such as tees and jeans. However, tees and jeans aren’t suitable for brunches and daily events, as well as suits that are meant to be worn when going to elegant night events. When being out of your office, you should still look professional and attractive. Don’t neglect your appearance, because it will help you be more self-confident, make a great first impression and look as a successful man. In order to achieve a perfect street look, you have to follow a few rules and create your own unique style.

    1. It Is All About the Fitting

    When buying clothes, you should choose clothes that fit you, because wearing oversized pants and shirts can only look sloppy. Except for finding the perfect size, consider the fitting and whether it suits your body. Some pants can make your legs shorter and, with that, change your whole body figure. You want to improve your appearance and not worsen it with the wrong clothes. No matter how cool and great one item of clothing is, you shouldn’t wear it if it doesn’t fit you.

    If you have a problem when choosing what fits you, search the Internet for some tips on choosing the right clothes according to your body shape and height. Also, call a friend to help you shop and to tell you if something looks good on you or not.

    2. Aim for The “It Took Me 5 Minutes to Dress up” Look

    The key to pulling a successful street style is the effortless look. Men look really attractive if they look nonchalant and easy-going. Unbutton your shirt a little bit and leave something untacked. You don’t want to look like you spent hours getting ready. So, don’t over think and over-analyze, just go with the flow and make the best out of your effortless style.

    3. Street Look Requires the Right Bag

    If you want to complete your street style, you should be careful when choosing a bag. One wrong choice can ruin your whole look. Because of that, browse a bag that is both practical and matches the style of your clothes. Messenger bags are suitable for every look, especially the easy-going look. Both practical and trendy, messenger bags can only improve your simple look. Vintage design matches the effortless street style, whereas, the military style matches jeans and a plain shirt outfit.

    4. Plain Shirts and Jeans

    If you find jeans that fit you perfectly, don’t be stingy, because be sure that the money you give will definitely pay off. A quality pair of jeans that fit you perfectly are hard to find and when you do make sure you buy them. Plain shirts are always useful, because you can wear them everywhere and match them with other items of clothing according to the event. Fun and quality shirt will take your street style to the next level. The simplicity of the shirt will perfectly match a nice pair of jeans or casual (but still trendy) pants.

    5. Sneakers 

    It is always risky when it comes to choosing the right sneakers to match your outfit. It can be hard to find the right pair to go with your style and avoid looking like a boy or a teenager. If you find a nice pair of sneakers, be sure that they will give a sporty spin to your street style. Don’t forget that sneakers don’t match elegant suits. Even if the suit is informal and casual, it is not recommended to wear them. When matching a casual suit with a nice pair of sneakers, you have to be really careful. In order to avoid a fashion disaster, look for some advice online or trust your instincts and just rock your style.

    The point of this street style is to create your own and unique style. Express yourself through your appearance and let the first impression tell more about you. Find what you like and in what clothes you feel comfortable and turn the simple look into a fashionable style.

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