• Spring 2015 – 10 Fashion Trends You Must See!

    spring-2015-10-fashion-trends-you-must-seeUpcoming spring is a wonderful combo of old and new. Some things will come as a surprise, but you’ll definitely fall in love with them as soon as you try them on. Find out what’s new on the runway, and which new pieces belong in your closet!

    It’s all about denim!

    For all you denim lovers, there won’t be any better time to celebrate your admiration for it than this spring. Everything goes! Tight or roomy, high-waist or low-slung; you can make any combo work. But, the type of jeans with shorter hems and wider legs is what will be under the spotlight this spring. Nevertheless, you’re free to play with denim in whichever way you like, so don’t hesitate to experiment with colorful patches and blingy decorations.

    Feel great wearing your new shirt-dress!

    This is one of my favorite pieces. It looks great with flats, it looks even better with heels, and you can wear shirt-dresses everywhere! Whether you’re going on a date, having a business meeting or simply going for a walk, you’ll look amazing and feel comfy in it.

    Go for gingham style!

    If you’re looking for an extension of your elegance, this is exactly what you need! This used to be a picnic wear only, but now, it’s coming back big time. All sorts of pieces are made out of gingham, and you won’t believe how good they look. You need to get yourself to the store and try one on ASAP!

    What’s up with colors?

    I think it’s time to put those last year’s prints away for a while, because we can finally rest our eyes for a bit. Sure, it was fun, but it’s time to get back to simplicity and put on something in two colors tops! All-in-white will be your favorite spring look, no doubt, but combining it with blue, army green and black will make you look great, too. One little bird told me that navy will be the new black, but we’ll see about that.

    Fashionable spring comes with a brand new trench!

    We already know that trench needs to be in every woman’s closet. But, this year’s closet list comes with something a bit different – a kimono-trench! You’ll be seeing them everywhere this fashionable spring, for sure. While you’re looking for your new stylized kimono, you should also check out polo innovations, because they too are a must-have.

    One-shoulder cuts are back in!

    Enough time has passed since these were a hit, and it’s just the perfect moment for a comeback! There will be a lot of variations here – haute couture pieces, denim shirts, everyday dresses… Whatever you go for, I’m sure you’ll hear a lot of “you’re bringing sexy back” around you.

    Tiaras and pearls go with feathers and tassels

    Forget all about cowgirl fringes, and get ready for a classy level-up! There won’t be a better way to impress than showing up in an outfit like this. But, try not to overdo it, and pick out something that has feathers and tassels focused on your ruffs or waist.

    Be playful with pleated and transparent skirts

    This is one thing we’re definitely sticking with from last year. It’s really obvious why everyone enjoys them so much – they have this dramatic effect we simply can’t resist, and we shouldn’t!

    Skirt over dress…? Challenge accepted!

    It’s kind of weird, but you can’t deny it – it looks great. And, the best thing is that you don’t need to arm yourself with new clothing pieces since your minis and pencils will go perfectly over your brand new shirt-skirt. But, this potentially great outfit may require some professional wardrobe consultation, and my advice is not to avoid it. After all, we all need a fresh look to our style from time to time.

    This spring fashion code looks pretty promising. It looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of classy outfits which are quite suitable for many different occasions, which is pretty great especially when it comes to solving that one problem called limited budget. Don’t forget to play, experiment and have fun. There’s only one question hanging in the air now – what are you waiting for?

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