• Stay Trendy: Every New Occasion Calls for a New Bag

    stay-trendy-every-new-occasion-calls-for-a-new-bagAs a fashionista, you need to take good care of your image. That means you can’t ever allow yourself to pick the first two things you see when you open your closet and put them on carelessly. If you take fashion seriously and you want to maintain a certain impression you make, there’s not much room for mistakes.

    Putting together an outfit actually means paying attention to details, because that’s exactly what will make you stand out. The most important detail about your outfit is your bag. Just think about it – how many times you have seen a person wearing something great but you can’t really find it appealing because that bag they carry doesn’t really match? If you want to avoid this mistake, you should develop a system where you match your bags according to the occasion, not only your outfit. In order to help you with this, I came up with a few suggestions, so check them out!


    You shouldn’t give too much thought when it comes to casual situations. Considering the fact you’ll probably be wearing jeans and a t-shirt, you should go with a simple over the shoulder bag made out of canvas. Of course, you can go with a trendy backpack, as well.

    Office Environment

    Do you ever get a feeling that you’re moving in and out of your office each day? For example, the necessities I have can’t really fit into a regular-sized bag – I need something bigger that still looks good and has a lot of pockets, because one of my necessities is a notebook. The perfect solution is a messenger bag; if made out the right materials, they are quite durable. Besides, there’s so many different designs and collections, and I can’t get enough of them. If you don’t really need something that big, you should go with a vintage briefcase – it looks professional and they can be quite stylish if you make the right choice.

    Black Tie Event

    This occasion requires something small and unnoticeable, but still big enough to fit everything you’ll need. I found nothing better than a clutch for this occasion – the fact is they have a simple design, but there is so many different shapes so you can always go with something new. When it comes to black tie bags for men, their choice is a bit narrowed down. Leather is always a good choice here, but the design depends on your personality – check out this guide, you may find it helpful.

    Night Out

    There’s only one rule for a night out bag as far as I’m concerned – enable yourself to have your hands free. My suggestion for men is to go with a medium-sized messenger bag; it’s big enough to fit everything, and small enough not to bother you. When it comes to women, it really depends on their personal style, but a small bag that has a chain and goes over the shoulder works perfectly for me.

    I hope you’ll find my suggestion helpful. If you do try any of them, I’d really like you to let me know how it goes, so I look forward to your feedback!

    Written by Ivan Dimitrijevic

    Ivan Dimitrijevic

    Ivan Dimitrijevic is a seasoned blogger with years of experience. His skill sets include Social Media and Content Marketing and blogging on a variety of topics. He is the founder of MyCity Web and has had many articles published on serious blogs over the years on topics ranging from Digital Marketing, Business to Home, Health, Fashion & Lifestyle.

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