• Suit up – Because Adulthood Is Coming

    suit-up-cause-adulthood-is-comingMen tend to get stuck in one period of their life and it is usually the college years. When college is over, it is time to dress like a man and act like a man. Even if you aren’t prepared to wear smart clothes instead of comfy sweatpants and over-sized shirts, there are things that are essential for any man who wants to build his career and embrace adulthood.

    This doesn’t mean that your clothes should be like of a man in his fifties. When you are fifty, dress like a gentleman. Now, it’s time to have some fun with trends and be a fashionable, sexy, mature man who knows what he wants from his career and life. Confidence comes with appearance and, at this point in your life, it is all about the first impression regarding your career. It is time to show yourself in the best possible way, so suit up and show them what you can offer, in order to fully embrace adulthood.

    1. Suit and Tie

    The first mistake that every man makes in his mid-twenties is buying only classic suits. A classic suit is for very elegant occasions and unless you are going to the royal dinner party, there is no reason to wear it. These suits make a young man look like he tried on his father’s suit and is about to get into the Wolf of the Wall Street role. It might be better to play it safe, but in your mid-twenties and thirties, you can still play with patterns and trendy styles. Casual suits make you look relaxed, professional and are according to your age. Moreover, they are for every occasion and you’ll definitely feel comfortable wearing them. When buying a suit, the most important thing is fitting, which you might find difficult to determine when it comes to casual suits. The fabric of these suits is freer, so when you put it on, it should be a little loose, but you shouldn’t swim in it.

    2. Bags

    All the occasions when you can wear sneakers, you can wear a college backpack too. Bags are worth investing in, because they will last for a longer period and are of great quality. A quality bag will not only upgrade your style, but also you won’t be in a situation when your bag can’t handle the things you packed. A leather bag is a must, but also, you should own a vintage briefcase and a classic laptop bag. As you are a young adult, you’ll certainly need a nice messenger bag to improve your style and match your age.

    3. Shoes

    Sneakers are for running, hiking, mountain climbing, going to the gym and sport events, whereas shoes are for every other occasion. The days of college parties are over, so hit the road and go straight to the store. Whether you have a job or you are looking for one, no one will believe in your professionalism and maturity if you are wearing sneakers. No matter how cool they are, they are not a match for a suit, even a casual one.

    4. Jeans, Shorts and T-Shirts

    When you leave college, the clothes that you have aren’t usually useful regarding interviews and job opportunities. There are certainly some jeans in your closet, which can be used. Jeans are for men of any age and are always sexy. Darker jeans can be worn with almost anything and when buying, make sure that they fit. There is no need to get rid of shorts either, however, they are not appropriate for some occasions. Keep them in your closet and know where to wear them. Every man’s closet is full with T-shirts, so there has to be at least one shirt that can be used to match your suit. Leave a room in your closet for plain and neutral T-shirts, because T-shirts with funny logos and sayings won’t be funny to your colleagues.

    5. Puffy Coats

    What a man needs is a nice and smart overcoat and not another teenage puffy coat. Layering is better than a thick puffy coat. Wearing different, but well-fitted pieces is always the best choice. When investing in a good overcoat or a jacket, always think of other pieces of clothes that you have and if they match in style and color.

    Written by Ivan Dimitrijevic

    Ivan Dimitrijevic

    Ivan Dimitrijevic is a seasoned blogger with years of experience. His skill sets include Social Media and Content Marketing and blogging on a variety of topics. He is the founder of MyCity Web and has had many articles published on serious blogs over the years on topics ranging from Digital Marketing, Business to Home, Health, Fashion & Lifestyle.

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