• Summer 2015: Men’s Fashion Trends to Look out For

    summer-2015-mens-fashion-trends-to-look-out-forNot a lot of men are actively engaged with the world of fashion, and you can even say that the latest trends simply go over some people’s heads and they keep wearing the same tired old outfits for years on end.

    Sure, the good old dark suit and a few other classic pieces of apparel have been the staples of men’s fashion for decades, and the changes tend to be somewhat slower and less radical than in women’s fashion, but there are tons of different ways to stand out from the crowd. This year looks pretty promising, as there are some bold and exciting trends coming our way. If you are a fashion-savvy man, or just want to make an effort to look more stylish this summer, be sure to check out these new fashion trends.

    White like the Snow

    This is the time to start enjoying the bright summer sun and go for a clear and light look with white, off white and cool pastels. White from head to toe is one way to go about it, but you can play around with a few different shades of off white, opting for light and breathable materials. White and cream is a particularly popular combination, in a somewhat dressed down style.

    Simple pants, t-shirt and sport coat, combined with loafers or flat white sneakers and minimal accessories is the right way to go. You can’t really go wrong with all-white, but you’ll have to be a little bit careful not to get some serious stains which can be a huge eyesore. White is also notorious for accentuating underarm stains, so get yourself a good antiperspirant.

    Vibrant Floral Prints

    Another way to go, if you don’t feel like much of a minimalist or simply like to show off some color, are vibrant prints. Strong colors, and floral designs in particular, are taking over this summer. You can combine a vividly colored shirt with a white sport coat, but they can look stunning with a classic pastel summer suit and even when combined with darker tones. Simple Bermuda shorts or the classic look of light-colored skinny jeans go incredibly well with a colorful shirt or t-shirt that breaks up the monotony.

    Military Style

    Military prints are making a big comeback this summer, and can be seen on shirts, jackets, t-shirt, pants and shorts. You don’t have to go all woodland camo though – you can take a hint from the previous paragraph and go for a mashup of bright colors for your camo print shirt to truly break the mold. There are plenty of unique combinations to be made, and creative freedom is encouraged. Military style messenger bags are the perfect accessory to go with camo prints, but you can also play with classic formal wear by adding a bit of military flair to tried and true combinations.

    Marrying Formal and Casual Wear

    Speaking of spicing up more traditional outfits, if you want to send a strong fashion statement and show off both your passion for style and your laid back nature, combining formal and casual wear is a great way to go. You can combine a classy pair of pants with a tasteful sweater or a simple monochrome or striped t-shirt. Another option is to combine a t-shirt with Bermuda shorts and a sport coat, or skinny jeans and a sport coat.

    Business casual outfits are a good starting point, and can be somewhat deconstructed and spiced up by mixing in casual wear. For the more conservative among you, a simple sweater and flat sneakers combined with a nice pair of pants are a quick fix. Remember to utilize some of the color patterns that are in this summer when putting these outfits together, and try to have some fun doing so.

    We see a focus on breaking from tradition and letting our true colors show in this summer’s fashion trends, so it pays off to be brave and take a few risks when throwing the right outfit together. If you don’t feel too courageous, or simply want a more subdued look, go shopping for white and off-white casual and formal wear, then mix it up a little.

    Written by Nicolas Stark

    Nicolas Stark

    I am a project manager, part-time blogger with a Master’s degree in English language and literature from University of Belgrade. My main interests are computer technologies and I am a big gaming enthusiast, especially for World of Warcraft, which I have been playing since the start. When I am not playing games, reading epic fantasy (or looking for the newest pizza place), I am saving up to buy the newest mobile phone, as I feel quite lost without one. I really love internet, and I love finding interesting facts, and using them when someone least expects it. Doing an exhaustive research is very important for me, as everything needs to be supported by hard facts.

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