• The Classic Briefcase Embraced In A Modern Way

    The fashion industry has taken many twists and turns throughout the centuries. The runways have seen a variety of styles that will both make your head turn, and have you questioning what direction the designer is going in.

    No matter where the industry finds itself, there are some timeless classics that will never go out of style. In today’s fashion world, you will see all ages of men embracing the elegance that a tailored suit has to offer. This is a piece of a man’s wardrobe that is a true investment, because tailored suits are made for longevity.


    As far as bags go, it seems the briefcase has managed to keep its spot in the fashion industry. Although, through the years, it has had a huge make over. The modern day briefcase is casual and comfortable, unlike the original boxy and bulky briefcase that was only used by business professionals.


    As an alternative, canvas made bags have made their way into the business world. There are many individuals who prefer a canvas messenger over the traditional briefcase. It comes down to preference, but many find the canvas messenger to be stylish, functional, durable, and provides loads of organization.

    For the sake of it, we are going to keep it classic and pair a tailored suit with a handcrafted briefcase. Here are some amazing handcrafted modern day briefcases that can be used in a casual or formal business setting. They are all unisex and offer a modern day appeal, as well as a vintage feel.

    Men’s Genuine Leather Large Briefcase

    This large leather briefcase is made of genuine leather, and provides unique characteristics. There are loads of organizational options as you can see from the four zipper compartments in the front of the bag. Great to store your quick access items.

    Leather Briefcase Laptop Men’s Organizer Bag

    If you are looking for a modern day and sleek appearance, then this leather briefcase is the one for you. Filled with functionality and style, it has loads of room in the main compartment to carry all your daily essentials. You will find two large pockets nestled underneath the main flap. These pockets have a zip closure, and are ideal for quick access items.

    Handcrafted Genuine Leather Briefcase Business Bag

    This leather briefcase is constructed with genuine leather. The flap of the Briefcase is closed with two buckles. There are two large pockets on the front located under the flap. Plus, two pockets located on each side of the bag, which are great for items you will need frequently.

    Vintage Leather Briefcase Handmade Genuine Dispatch Bag

    Such an amazingly stunning briefcase, there are two main things that stand out when looking at this bag. First, the organizational pockets that are located on the front of the bag. Secondly, is the stunning genuine leather that was used to construct this Dispatch bag. These two characteristics bring the bag to life.

    Selvaggio Handmade Full Grain Leather Briefcase

    This briefcase is constructed with the highest quality leather. It is full grain, and possesses a wealth of stylish flair. From the hardware to the amazing vintage buckles, this bag will fit into all areas of your life. There is a wealth of room inside the briefcase, as well as a load of organizational options.

    Selvaggio Large Vintage Full Grain Leather Briefcase

    Modern look, yet a vintage feel. You get the best of both worlds with this briefcase. Large in size, but not bulky. This bag has two zipper compartments under the flap. Both provide a large amount of space for storing your daily items.


    The classic briefcase has taken on a modern day appearance. Making it stylish, and still a top choice among business professionals.

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