• The Handmade Full Grain Leather Messenger Bag & Backpack Review

    If you frequently stop in on the Serbags website, then you are aware of the love that the makers of Serbags has for quality vintage bags. They have an array of styles that take on so many different personalities, and that is why the Serbags line is so heavily sought.

    Serbags recently introduced their new leather bags, which has opened a world of opportunity for their customers. Not only is the leather line constructed with quality, it also has the vintage and modern flare wrapped into one. These bags really have the ability to transform a persons overall look.

    Today, I want to talk about the Handmade Full Grain Leather Travel Messenger Bag and Backpack. This bag is very unique as it can transform from a stylish messenger bag to a trendy backpack in three easy steps.

    This style was taken straight from the era when times were simpler. The leather possesses an old-world look, as if a traveler had carried it on many adventures. This look is so classic, and you can easily take on a modern day feel while sporting this vintage inspired bag. I absolutely love the way the leather looks. It makes me want to reach out and touch to the smooth and high quality leather surface of this incredible bag. People will easily notice the quality by just looking at it.

    Overall, this Vintage Messenger bag measures 16.5″L x 9″W x 12″H inches and weights in at 5.5 lbs when it is empty.

    From the side you can see, that this traveling bag is made to hold a large amount of content. Notice the long adjustable shoulder strap that can easily be unhooked from the bag. Also, the quick access pockets are a nice added touch, so you don’t have to get into the bag to get out items you use often.


    From the back side you get a glance of the backpack conversion. The shoulder strap is unhooked from the sides, laces through the loop located on the top, and connected to loops that are on the bottom of the bag. In three easy steps your messenger bag changes to a hands free backpack. Perhaps, my favorite part of this bag. This feature makes me want to utilize this bag more often, because there is a hands free option when needed.


    The organization that Serbags gave to this messenger backpack is amazing. There are two deep pockets, which can house items the size of an iPad mini. The other two sections are large enough to carry your laptop, books, documents, and whatever else you may need. The leather from the inside looks just as stylish as it does from the outside.


    Serbags chose to use high quality genuine leather to design this piece of art. The leather has a rugged appearance which gives it added character. They also used metal rivets to help reinforce the areas of the bag that would be carrying the weight of the content. This is a great step to designing a bag that is made for longevity.


    On the top you will see a short handle, which is great when wanting to grab the bag in a hurry. The handle is also genuine leather and secured with metal rivets.


    This Vintage bag is made from genuine leather, which provides comfort to the one who is carrying it.

    From the front you will notice the buckles which are used to close the flap of the bag. These buckles fasten with magnetic quick snaps, allowing the owner to access their content with ease. The buckles are an added touch to the old-world feel this bag possesses.

    My final thought on this bag:

    There are not many messenger bags converts into a hands free backpack, and I really love that unique factor.

    If you are looking for a bag that has been transformed from the past, and brought with it a modern day outlook, this is a top contender. Vintage is a fashion forward trend, and this messenger backpack has all the qualities I love: Style, personality, functionality, durability, and organization. I’ll be using this bag on my next road trip out West, and when I do, I will share some pictures of how functional this bag really is. Until then… Happy Shopping!

    You can buy this bag from: http://www.serbags.com/collections/leather-messenger-bags/products/handmade-full-grain-leather-travel-messenger-bag-backpack

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