• The Historical Construction of Canvas

    Have you ever considered the type of material that your daily items are made with? The next time you go camping, take notice of the type of fabric the tent is made from. Without a doubt, it is constructed with a material that can withstand harsh weather elements.

    Canvas is historically known for its abundant strength, and has been around for many years. Take a look around, you might be surprised by how many items are created with canvas.

    History of Canvas

    Canvas is a durable material that is woven, and has a stiff feel to it. The use of this amazing material, dates all the way back to 3000 B.C., where it was used to fabricate sails, canopies, or shelters. Early canvas was made with hemp, flax, and linen. The Chinese were known to use hemp canvas. Throughout the years, canvas took the place of wood panels that were used for painting.


    Uses of Canvas

    Canvas is a very diverse material that is used for designing industrial items, as well as fashion trend-setting goods. Amazingly, all the early uses of canvas are still being utilized. Sails, tents, shelters, and painting surfaces are just a few. Modern times brought modernizations to the way the canvas is utilized. Painters still use canvas as a painting surface, but they now have the ability to create screen-print canvases by using digital technology. Other industries use this material for backpacks, totes, shoes, auto covers, and trampolines.

    Modern Canvas Material

    Some industries still make the canvas material with linen and hemp, but most modern canvas is made using cotton. Cotton allows the canvas to stretch, and gives it extra durability. Because it is preserved with a waterproofing substance, canvas can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. There is even an option to get a canvas that is finished with a marine or fire-resistant treatment.


    Is Canvas Material a Denim Product?

    Although, canvas has been referred to as cotton duck, it is not a denim product. Denim and canvas are intertwined differently. Canvas is a simple weave, while denim is a twill weave. The tighter a fabric is woven, the more durable it becomes.

    Where Is Canvas Made?

    Since canvas is widely made from cotton, it is not hard to find canvas. There are cotton fields all over the globe, and plenty of workers who work in weaving factories. Cotton grows best in hot climates. America and China are the largest producers of cotton. Weaving can be done industrially or with a hand loom.


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