• A Piece of History that Stood the Test of Time


    The messenger bag has been around for way over a century, and has been favored by all those who choose it as a means to carry daily essentials. These bags have always served their purpose, while offering comfort and style. Getting goods in and out of the bag is done with ease. Perhaps, that is what made the messenger bag so popular from the beginning of its time.

    If you want to dig deep into the roots of the messenger bag, you would find the first bags were used to carry mail by postmen. These bags were much larger in size compared to their modern day remakes. Postmen messenger bags were made of leather and worn over the shoulder, or cross body style to help even out the weight of their heavy loads. The old model of the bag did not have the options that are offered in the modern day styles.


    As we travel on down the line of history, the heritage of the messenger bag continues on with the dispatch riders in WWII. The dispatch riders’ bags were closed with a large flap and made of canvas. While riding horseback, dispatchers wore the messenger bag cross body style. When travelling by foot, the bag was often flung over the shoulder of the dispatcher.

    The main purpose of the messenger bag during WWII, was for dispatchers to carry orders or messages that were of great importance, to a specified destination. The messenger bag won its reputation as a robust bag that would stand the test of time. Individuals began to seek out messenger bags because of their convenience, style, and durability.


    As the legacy of the messenger bag carries on, it was adopted by many different people to serve a variety of purposes. They were used to carry ammo, medical supplies, and much more. The messenger bag has made a full circle. They have never lost their favor with those who use them for convenience and ease. If you hit the streets of New York, London, and San Francisco you will find cycle dispatchers wearing them to carry goods for their deliveries.

    The messenger bag started out as a large, bulky bag that was carried by postmen, and has grown into a stylish fashion trend that is offered in canvas. There are a variety of uses for the bag, and it continues to be revised to fit more needs of those who seek them to use in their daily lives. The messenger bag has become a top choice for tech savvy individuals to carry their laptop. Modern day bags have options that were not offered a century ago. They are now equipped with pockets that can hold your cell phone, keys, chargers, and much more.


    Messenger bags are a piece of history that has never lost popularity. These bags are multi-functional, and have been highly sought by a variety of workers because of the functionality of the bag. If you are seeking a messenger bag that is highly fashionable and offers all the latest options, you should shop at Serbags.com. Serbags has a large variety of messenger bags that will fit all your needs.

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