• The Most Loved Bags Among Women

    Let’s face it, women love bags. If you look around a crowded room filled with women, you will notice the majority, if not all, are carrying some type of bag. Why? Because a woman has many needs that she must carry along with her. This is not for a man to understand, he only needs to know that a woman’s bag is her domain. Touch it, and see her fangs come alive.

    This is the place where she stores the essential things of her life. Every woman’s bag will vary in style, and most women own a variety of bags.

    They look at their bag as an accessory, and will change it to accompany an occasion. The right bag can really give a woman a look of sophistication or ruggedness.

    Here is a run down of the different kinds of bags women utilizes.

    Hobo bag



    The Hobo bag possesses a classic look, and almost every bag designer has utilized this type of bag. The bag is in the shape of a crescent, and it possesses a posture that is slouchy. There is a handle that is adequate enough to go over the shoulder. Designers use material that is both flexible and soft.


    A Satchel can be large or small, and resemble an old time doctor bag. They are equipped with two handles, and a bottom that is flat and wide. This bag is seen mostly among business women, who carry a lot of documents with them. A satchel is known for its space, as well as its elegance.



    You will find totes in large to medium size, and they resemble a shopping bag. Anything that may be considered too large for a regular handbag will fit into a tote nicely. Typically, there are two large handles that can be carried in hand or over the shoulder. Most totes have an open top, but some may have a zipper closure. This is a popular bag because it is very diverse, and stylish.


    A clutch is a very small bag that is usually carried by hand. It is long and takes the form of a rectangle. Typically, this type of bag is taken to a formal event because there is only enough room for a few select items.



    Yes, a clutch and a wristlet are similar, but a wristlet is less formal. There is a small strap on one side of a wristlet that is ideal when dancing. This is a perfect little solution for casual outings where you only need a few necessities.


    A duffel bag has one large open area, and typically closes with a drawstring top. This bag is ideal for hiking, traveling, or sports.



    Messenger bags are highly functional, have loads of organization and are very fashionable. There is one strap that is typically long and adjustable. It can be worn over the shoulder or cross body style. A messenger bag is made for durability, and is very spacious. These bags have become increasingly popular over the years because of their diversity and stylish flare.

    A bag is truly an essential item among both men and women. Without a bag how would we carry our everyday items? When you take the time to ensure the bag that you own is top quality, then you know all your belongings will be secure.

    Written by Jennifer Ogden

    Jennifer Ogden

    My passion comes from the words I pour upon a page. Writing is something that has carried me through my life, and it fills me with joy each time a reader hears my voice. My writing obsession started in fourth grade, and it has now become my full time job. I wake each morning overjoyed knowing that I get to share my passion with the world.

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