• The Perception of Colors: Find out Which Season Palette Brings out the True You

    the-perception-of-colors-find-out-which-season-palette-brings-out-the-true-youWhen faced with a new season, a lot of us feel like we need to change, and sometimes that’s a wrong kind of change for us. However, we can’t really put a finger on it, right?

    I believe that your answer lies in something a little more hidden than the change of weather here.

    Pay Attention to the Color Pattern You Created

    If you dig in a little deeper (it’s not necessary to start soul-searching, your closet will do the trick), you’ll be able to realize that there is a certain pattern in the choice of colors you surround yourself with, right? Sure, most of us have our favorite color, but it doesn’t stop there – it spreads on to various shades of that color, and everything else we get needs to match them. Have you ever wondered why you feel that certain affection towards only one color?

    How Far Your Research Should Go?

    There are many different explanations for this problem – you can look it up in a psychology book and connect your favorite color to your temper, for example. Or, you can go with a completely different theory, and search for your answer in astrology, by connecting it all with your date of birth and your horoscope sign. However, the answer may be a lot simpler than that – you just surround yourself with colors you feel comfortable with.

    Indulge Yourself

    If you do focus only on your comfort for now, you can use the insight you now have in order to increase it, right? Again, there are a lot – a lot of differently composed pallets, but I believe most of us can identify with the next four – summer, winter, autumn and spring color palettes. Find out which one is the most appealing to your eye, and work your way up from there!


    If you have a keen eye for creating order where there was chaos before, I believe this palette may be the one you’re looking for. People who enjoy summer colors also enjoy serenity, and where there is none, they are restless. You obviously have a need for calmness in your mind and around you, so you should definitely tend to transfer that to your work and art.


    Persons who enjoy these quite distinct colors usually have strong motivation and are capable of surpassing every obstacle that pops up in front of them, because they are unlikely to get distracted. Those colors you pick to surround you simply help you see your goals even clearer, so don’t let anything stop you on your way to the top!


    Each autumn is characterized in very strong, intense colors, and those two words probably describe your personality most accurately, right? I bet you also experience a burning sensation in your chest when you notice any kind of injustice, don’t you? Embrace those things that move you, because you’re able to make this world of ours a much better place!


    That energy and vibration noticeable in this palette are probably carved in the core of your being if you prefer this combination of colors. People like this are happy when everyone around them is feeling happy, which brings me to the point of their existence – to bring joy to the world!

    The most important thing in the world is feeling comfortable in your own skin, and no one but you can enable that. This is why you need to go from the inside out, and find out everything you can about the things that make you comfortable and surround yourself with them! Colors are a very important part of our mood, our ability to think or work, and that is why they need our devotion. I really hope you have enjoyed my suggestions. I look forward to your feedback!

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