• Trend Setting Messenger Bag Carrying Methods

    trend-setting-messenger-bag-carrying-methodsMessenger bags are so popular because of their versatility, functionality and durability. There simply is no wrong way to carry a messenger. Fashion show after fashion show will prove this point. You will see large and small messengers all being utilized in different ways.

    Sure, there is a standard messenger length, but this is not the only way the bag can be worn. As far as standards go, the typical messenger length falls right over the pelvic bone area. You don’t see a lot of individuals wearing the messenger over the shoulder, although it is a possibility.

    Some designers have introduced the bag sitting right on the rib cage. This is much higher than the traditional carrying methods. The higher carrying method allows items stowed in the messenger to be better protected. Plus, this type of carrying method brings a welcomed look to the fashion industry. It has a modern feel, which is highly sought after.

    While you would not want to carry a large messenger at the rib cage level, a small messenger can look really smart when carried this way. You want to take the strap of the bag and knot it so that it falls at the rib cage when draped over your head. You still wear the bag in a cross body fashion, but it’s a much shorter version.

    I suppose, in this instance, we could call it “Rib Carrying Fashion”. Perhaps, my funky title will catch on as this carrying method becomes more and more popular. This method is so easy to utilize, and it gives the messenger a whole new look. People may look twice, as it is an eye pleasing carrying method that will get noticed quickly.

    Some fashion designers have been known to take the chain of the messenger and wrap in around the neck. This allows the small messenger to fall into the rib area without knotting the strap. Plus, the chain like strap can double as a necklace. However, you do not want to do this with a messenger that has any weight to it, as it can hurt your neck. Therefore, your bag has to be virtually empty to pull this off. There is no sense in trying to be a trend setter if it induces pain.

    Messenger bags are popular for so many reasons, and now you have even more reason to scout out a pouch sized messenger. It is a great carrying method, and you would be surprised the amount of compliments you will receive all by switching up the carrying method that you choose.

    Over the shoulder, cross body, rib carrying or choker method, it makes no difference which way you choose to carry your bag. It is an invaluable companion that houses all the items you need for the day, as well as a fashionable accessory that will transform your look completely.

    Give the rib carrying method a try when going out for a nice dinner. It provides a more formal look to a casual bag.

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