• Vintage Leather Portfolio Messenger Bag Review

    Finding a bag that is the epitome of  modern day flare, is not as easy as one would think. There are millions of bags on the market that have modern day qualities, but very few hold the true essence of modern day life.  It is not a look that is easy to capture, because this style is very precise. You will never see a true modern day bag that is heavily decorated, because this style is all about looking simplistic, clean and sleek.

    Serbags got it right when they designed the Leather Portfolio Messenger Bag. It is not everyday you see such a magnificent modern day design, and I couldn’t wait to share my view of this bag.

    When you look at an object that possesses modern day traits, there is always one thing about the piece that grabs your focus. It is that one piece that brings the whole look together, and the inspiration for the design.


    The focal point of the Serbags Leather Portfolio is the rings located on the top flap. The whole bag is constructed with Crazy Horse Leather, except these brilliant antique finished brass rings. These rings bring the true flavor to the Portfolio, and make it a top contender in the Serbag’s leather line up.

    As you can see, the straps on the flat lace through the rings to help hold the flap down. This makes it super easy to get into the bag because you do not have to undo anything, just pull the flap open.


    The rest of the hardware on the bag are also finished in antique brass. However, the rings on the front are very prominent and outshine the rest of the hardware.


    The leather on this bag is a crazy horse leather, but the bottom is stiff and square. This allows the bag to sit on its bottom without tipping over. That is something I really admire, as it is so aggravating to place a bag on the floor for it to immediately fall over, unless it is leaning against something.
    Once the flap is lifted, you can see the vast organization and room this slender bag offers.  The Leather Portfolio can accommodate a 14” laptop or a 15” Mac Book, as well as other content you need to take with you. There are two open pockets on one of the interior walls, and the other interior wall has a zipper pocket.


    In the middle of the bag is a zipper divider, which helps keep your content separated and organized. The top flap is stiff so that it can fall back when opened. The main compartment of the bag is closed with a zipper.


    On the back there is a zipper compartment that is large enough to store an iPad. This is also a great place to stash away valuable items, so they are not accessible to others around you.


    There is one long shoulder strap that can be worn over the shoulder, or cross body style. On top of the bag is a short handle, which allows you to carry the leather portfolio by hand..


    Final Thought:

    The Leather Portfolio Messenger Bag is sleek, and designed for functionality. The quality of this bag is stupendous. I adore the flat square bottom, which allows the bag to sit upright when placed on the floor. The Crazy Horse Leather gives this portfolio character, and the brass rings serve as the highlight for the modern style that it possesses. This modern day Portfolio is simply stunning, and has the ability to send your look from drab to outstanding. If you have been searching for a Portfolio Messenger Bag, this is certainly one to consider.

    Shop for this bags here: http://www.serbags.com/collections/leather-messenger-bags/products/vintage-crazy-horse-leather-portfolio-messenger-bag

    Written by Jennifer Ogden

    Jennifer Ogden

    My passion comes from the words I pour upon a page. Writing is something that has carried me through my life, and it fills me with joy each time a reader hears my voice. My writing obsession started in fourth grade, and it has now become my full time job. I wake each morning overjoyed knowing that I get to share my passion with the world.

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