• What Not to Wear at Work

    what-not-to-wear-at-workToday, almost everything is trendy and people tend to develop their own style depending on how they want to present themselves. The first impression of a person is made according to the visual image of him/her and not by his/her personality. Moreover, if you are working in an office and you are constantly in touch with the clients, you must look professional and neat.

    1. Summer Casual Clothes

    No matter how hot it is, you mustn’t look like you’ve just been on the beach. Girls forget about short skirts, strapless dresses and tops, because professional outfits made out of these airy material can be both light and sexy. When it comes to shoes, flip flops will make your appearance sloppy and unprofessional. Women, remember that a tunic is not a dress. The perfect match for a tunic are summer tight trousers and high heels. If you want a more casual look, every tunic goes well with sleek leggings and flats. If the shorts are black and of good material, that doesn’t mean that they are office appropriate. There are many light pants for men, so take your wallet, go shopping and wear shorts to beach parties.

    2. Separates

    You can separate your outfits and still make a good look. However, it usually looks as you lost one part of your suit. You won’t make any impression if you combine basic separates. When matching different pieces of clothes, don’t match only the colors, but also the material. Also, if there is a possibility that you’ll go to a business lunch, then consider buying dresses and jackets that match. These outfits look sexy, professional, sophisticated and are both for the office and a business lunch at the restaurant. It is much easier for men. Pants, nice shoes and a shirt are for every occasion. However, colorful shirts and bright colored shirts may make you look as you just got back from Hawaii, which is not an advantage and not a compliment.

    3. Comfortable Shoes

    Elegant shoes can sometimes be really uncomfortable, but wearing comfortable and ugly shoes doesn’t leave a good impression. As much as you think you can pull it off, you can’t, because you will definitely look ridiculous. It was fashionable at one point to wear sneakers and suits, but remember that an outfit can only be worn by basketball players and rappers. Women can wear stylish and comfortable flats when they get tired from high heels. But remember that high heels make your body and legs longer, slimmer and sexier.

    4. Oversized T-Shirts

    T-shirts that have a logo or are oversized only men can pull off. When wearing professional but casual clothes, men have the advantage of wearing comfortable outfits. However, men should always pick a T-shirt of neutral color such as black, white, blue, etc. Women can wear plain T-shirts under a jacket, but better options are semi-tops that fit perfectly. Oversized shirts are for sleeping and cleaning your house.

    5. Bags

    If you want to leave a great first impression, you have to have the whole package. That this means is that expensive clothes don’t mean anything without good shoes and a bag. Women can find a matching handbag for any outfit. However, men have a problem when they have to choose the right bag. What you need to think about when buying are color, material and style. If you are wearing a suit, you cannot wear a backpack or a military messenger bag. Vintage bags are trendy again, so don’t miss wearing an old vintage leather briefcase and act like a gentleman. Still, you might want to leave a Fedora at home.

    6. Hats

    Nowadays, hats are really popular around the world. However, you are not on the catwalk and you are not doing any shooting. If you wear a hat at the office, you’ll look funny and ridiculous. A bad hair day can be solved in many ways and a hat is not one of them. Men who prefer the urban style think that wearing a cap during the whole day reflects their style, but be sure that it doesn’t, especially if there is no sunshine. It is unprofessional and immature. Your teenage years are gone and if you are not in a boyband, then leave the cap at home.

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