• Why Messenger Bags Are so Popular

    The term messenger bag goes all the way back to ancient times when on-foot messengers used to carry messages in a large bag that rested on their lower backs. The bags were later adapted for bicycle couriers, and postal workers. These bags were made of sturdy and flexible material, making them light to carry with great capacity and greater resistance against wear and tear.

    Lately, messenger bags have gained popularity and are quickly replacing backpacks in colleges and schools, and are even becoming a common sighting in offices. Before we discuss the increased need and demand for messenger bags in the market, let us discuss the materials used to make messenger bags.

    Materials Used to Make Messenger Bags


    Arguably, the most popular material used for manufacturing messenger bags is canvas. It is a heavy duty fabric which is extremely resistant to water damage and everyday wear and tear. Its sturdiness and ruggedness has made it the number one choice not only for messenger bags but for tents, backpacks, sails, trampolines, and painting surfaces. Canvas messenger bags are extremely popular among students and professionals alike.

    Other popular materials used to manufacture messenger bags are leather, vinyl, nylon, and pvc. Usually, these materials are used in the form of blends and the resulting product is known as synthetic messenger bags. Waterproof coating is also applied to such products in order to make them effective in humid climates.

    Recently, messenger bags made of silk and velvet have also been introduced in the market. The designs are stylish and the product is aesthetically pleasant; however, such products do not have the trademark resistance to wear and tear.

    The Need for Messenger Bags


    Students and professionals alike have to carry many important items with them while they are out. Laptops, books, documents, accessories, tablets… the list goes on and on. While carrying such important items, it is necessary they are protected against all types of damage, including water, weather, and physical damage. Messenger bags offer that protection.

    Also, messenger bags are not only resistant to the wear and tear from the outside, but are also resistant against the damage books and other objects can do to a bag from the inside. These bags last longer, have plenty of compartments and pockets, and look extremely stylish. As the need for messenger bags grows, newer and better varieties are being introduced in the market every day.

    To summarize, we can say that messenger bags are popular due to the following reasons:

    * Durability.

    * Resistance against wear and tear.

    * Resistance against water damage.

    * Plenty of room.

    * Stylish designs.

    * Ability to carry a lot of weight.


    If you are looking for the ideal messenger bag, look for all these qualities, along with affordable prices. We recommend Serbag’s canvas messenger bags; our line consists of a large variety of messenger bags of the highest quality with new and stylish designs.

    Have you bought a messenger bag yet? If yes, what qualities do you like best in your messenger bag? Let us know in the comments section.

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